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Anyone else think its getting a bit quiet out there?



  • ChieftanChieftan Posts: 1,187Member Uncommon
    Originally posted by boxsnd
    If the trend continues GW2's population will be lower than SWTOR's in a few months. It's already about to be surpassed by FC3, BF3, D3, WoT, Minecraft on Xfire. I wonder when they will start merging servers.

    There's been a staggering loss in population for GW2 but people have left quietly.   Most people leave MMOs kicking and screaming and having a major fit because they didn't get what they wanted.

    Maybe its because Anet is so willing to hand out refunds.  Kinda takes away the burn when they give you your money back.  $60 back in your pocket isn't a bad thing.

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