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Darkfall: Unholy Wars: Launch Delayed, Extensive Beta Incoming Soon...



  • Lodex2001Lodex2001 Katy, TXPosts: 3Member
     Vaporwere AV will be broke before they manage to launch this game again. The original was plauged by delays and braken from launch. I see no difference in managment here that would suggest anything differentthan the continued mismanagment.
  • echolynfanecholynfan Lancaster, PAPosts: 681Member Uncommon

    People are going to cry but in the end it's better for AV to have the game ready for launch - otherwise they'll be whining about the game not finished.

    Since I played Darkfall 1.0 I know to expect from these guys but I also know that the game will be great when it is finished and even better now since it's been re-designed.

    Too many games are being launched too early (::cough:: SWTOR ::cough::) and then crash and burn and that needs to stop. However, AV should not have listed a hard date for launch unless they new with absolute certainty they were just makes them look inept.

    Currently playing SWTOR and it's MUCH better than it was at launch.

  • GreymoorGreymoor ManchesterPosts: 802Member Uncommon

    Kids these days, beta will be good for the game.

    You would've only cried when it launched with the bugs not squashed in a public beta.

  • SnoepieSnoepie RotterdamPosts: 482Member Uncommon got tasossed aswell..


    Welcome to the club..


    Good decision to remove darkfall from voting..

  • KuviskiKuviski KajaaniPosts: 215Member Uncommon

    Not one person is surprised by these news, which  leaves me and others wondering, why oh why did AV not just honestly tell about the pushback earlier? Or why did they, indeed, choose such a close release date in the beginning.


    Why not just play it safe at once and give a launch date that you actually have a chance of reaching. An early launch, if successful, isn't necessarily even very important. Why does AV always end up taking the risk, overestimating their development speed?


    Oh well, not like I wouldn't forgive them. A beta will for sure be better for the game, but I do hope that all the let-downs AV has caused so far haven't shrinked the population of the to-be players by a margin too high.

  • tom_goretom_gore TamperePosts: 1,995Member Uncommon

    People speak as if the beta launch date is certain and as if the launch in January in certain.

    You just don't learn do you?

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