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Spec-Ops Gaming Community [SOGC] - Recruiting

jarederajjarederaj Tucson, AZPosts: 9Member

Member base from around the globe:
US, UK, Australia, Belgium,Canada, Czech Republic, Denmark,Germany,Israel,Netherlands,Norway,
Puerto Rico,Romania, Saudi Arabia,Scotland,Slovak Republic, South Africa, Sweden and always expanding

[Spec-Ops] was established in 2005 with BF2 and other games. Over the years, we have seen many new games come out, and continue to welcome them. We moved from a "clan", to a "community" of gamers, due to wide range of games we all play. Simply put, a community of friends that enjoy gaming, in all genres. [Spec-Ops] structured itself, to offer gamers a friendly, easy going environment to play in without the drama etc. that some communities have. We have rules we est. from day one, to provide a great playing experience for all.

  • overall teamwork and communication
  • finding out what each of our specialties are, and building on them to better the strength of the squad (e.g., someone that likes to use a specific vehicle, class, or weapon, etc.)
  • narrowing down on specific routines that enable the group to move on targets and advance on objects as if the action was instinctual or second nature
  • help or assist each other in the mechanics of the game to better our abilities (such as different tricks that have been learned or linking resources that new players to the game can refer to)
  • and most of all, make the game that much more enjoyable!
Spec-Ops prides itself in being more than just a few people joining a teamspeak and gaming together, but as a group that learns each other's ways and can rely on being there for each other, whether in game or not. There is more to gaming than the game.

Planet Side 2 specific:

Distinguish which weapons, classes, vehicles, etc. that one prefers or specializes in, and helping each other to advance in these. Examples of ways this can be done includes situations similar to when there is a role such as a Sunderder operator or ammo supplier. Certain people can use their certifications specifically for these (i.e., having an upgraded Sunderer or Engineer).
We are looking for members that are mature, will be loyal to [Spec-Ops], and that will behave in a mature and responsible manner as to not tarnish the reputation of [Spec-Ops]. Age requirement is 14 or older. Team Speak 3, along with a working mic, is required while playing, and is key for communication. Be cheat free, for we ban on site if we find anyone using any type of cheat or hack. We are looking for casual/hardcore gamers alike, someone that is drama free, and someone that is interested in rolling out with a group that has their back.
Currently we play on the Jaeger server as the Terran Republic, but we have accounts on other servers also and we are always open for broadening to new time zones and empires.
Close-knit group to play with
Team Speak 3 for communication in game
No clan/community drama.
No requirement of skill (anyone is welcome)
Survival, the group has your back
Strength in not only numbers, but intelligence and technique
Website, forums, TS3, and a chance to advance up the ranks within the community
Laid-back players, and some hardcore players
As a community we offer more than one game type, and have members that play many.
Examples: Battlefield series (BF2, BF3, etc.), Command and Conquer (Tiberium Alliances, etc.), Arma 2 (DayZ, Wasteland), Medal of Honor,
Call of Duty, and recently WarZ, as we are always looking to expand and are open to new ideas.
Applicants are screened for any past gaming bans, prior to approval into the community.

Spec-Ops Gaming Community [SOGC]
Add me, Jared, if you would like more information.
game name: jarederaj

Applications are accepted through our web site only.

Please check out our site, look around, and put in an application for recruitment. In the future, we will have openings for division commanders etc.
Check us out, get a feel for the way we play.




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