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Whats with the new advert?

ereyethirnereyethirn KaiapoiPosts: 79Member
Pay once, play forever is the slogan showing up on the mmorpg website adspace for the secret world, however I can't see anywhere that its going btp (which i must say is what that slogan sounds like its saying) can anyone explain to me what is up with this?


  • ShakyMoShakyMo BradfordPosts: 7,207Member Common
    Lifetime sub thing
  • aspekxaspekx Brandon, FLPosts: 2,167Member Uncommon
    any links? because all the ad does is take you to 29.99 game purchase with 30 free days of play.

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  • FromHellFromHell NY, NYPosts: 1,311Member

    Grandmaster Pack, as far as I remember it can be added to an existing account, game purchase was required.


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  • ElsaboltsElsabolts Anderson, InPosts: 2,883Member Uncommon

    It may be there marketing department wanting more folks to sign up for there Life-Time subscription before they make it free to play.


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  • kevjardskevjards carlislePosts: 1,452Member Uncommon
    while i like the my lifetime sub ,you are not going to get more going for it so why plug it..especially at £160 which is 14-15 months sub fee..unless they have dropped the price dramatically basically making it b2p.which i would applaud.because i think a heck of a lot of peeps would go for.not sure what they are trying to advertise here but i,m sure we will find out in the next few days.
  • Po_ggPo_gg Twigwarren, WestfarthingPosts: 3,658Member Rare

    Whats with the new advert?

    What's with the new thread? :) (there's an another one about this already)


    Edit: but to avoid off-topicness, I think it's only a joke, like the Joel video. But if they really put some sale on the Grandmaster pack before the world ends... that would be nice. Only if we still alive on the 22th to enjoy it, of course :)

  • dancingstardancingstar LeedsPosts: 353Member Uncommon
    If you read the micro-print you'll probably find that "terms and conditions" includes "offer subject to the world ending on 21.12.2012"
  • AmanaAmana New York, NYPosts: 3,912Moderator Uncommon

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