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Darkfall UW. An Ex Por me.

N1njaPwnStarN1njaPwnStar Shinglehouse, PAPosts: 83Member

Looking forward to trying this game. as an old school uo player ive been waiting for a  good "sandbox" MMO..

Ive tryed pretty much every mmo out and they just dont add up to how fun UO was to play before it got destroyed by "carebears" :P

not saying this game will but i just want that feel of an actual MMO..


is there a website with details of the game?


also can you stay in 3rd person? ive been watching the videos so im guessing yes but who knows..i know alot of ppl are 1st person fans but im not one of em for some reason it just dosnt feel right.. :P main reason i didnt stay with DF when it first came out. i know its a piss poor reason but i only like first person on console games..


right now im not playing anything other than xbox "when i do game" so hopefully i can make UW my home.





Atlantic server.

i must consider my sins.


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