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Freeworlds: Tides of War - A Star Wars Total Conversion for Freelancer

FWToW_SushiFWToW_Sushi Toronto, ONPosts: 8Member Common

Hey guys,

I hope you don't mind the post here but I figured this would be as good of place as any to tell you about the new mod we're in the process of making; Freeworlds: Tides of War (FW:ToW), a total conversion mod for Freelancer.

FW:ToW is currently in development and I'm the mod head there. We're looking to totally change the way FW used to be played. We're adopting a much more "X-Wing vs. TIE Fighter/X-Wing Alliance" type environment, with still the feel of Freelancer. Tides of War (ToW) also has merged with us for this project. We've also been fortunate enough to get ships models from the First Strike mod, thanks to Red Monkey and the crew, as well as the X-Wing Alliance Upgrade Project. Our developers have been posting up blogs for everyone to read. They're viewable to guests, so you don't need to register to view them. Although, I do encourage you to register as you can ask questions of the developers. We're also looking at creating a much more rich and diverse RP environment for players and will be hoping to get a maximum of 200 players online at once.

Here are some links I think you guys should take a look at, if you're interested in the mod. The first are two recent development videos of the mod.  These videos showcase some of the models, effects and other things that you can expect to see in FW:ToW

Battle of Bilbringi

Development Video #11

The second is our site at MODDB. We update this regularly, so I encourage you all to bookmark it and check there often :):

Freeworlds: Tides of War ModDB site

And lastly, this is a link to all our development blogs. You'll be able to see a lot of the new effects, models, systems, ideas we're trying to incorporate for FW:ToW.

Development Blogs

I really hope to see some of your faces there. I also wish this will satisfy those of you that enjoy Star Wars/XvT/XWA and an environment in which RP is encouraged.  

If you guys have any questions, feel free to PM me on our forums, or here. I'll bookmark this link and check back as often as I can.

Thanks guys,



PS: I also attached some eye candy:


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  • FWToW_SushiFWToW_Sushi Toronto, ONPosts: 8Member Common

    When I posted our last news piece, we recently obtained a wonderful modeller/texturer by the name of HotDog. He made an incredibly detailed model of the [url=]XQ-4 station[/url].  Since then we have hired two new modellers/texturists, Kalo and Lord X. They are well known in the Empire at War community not only for their fabulous models but also for their great senses of humour!  That being said, I wanted to give our amazing fans an update of what we've been up to in the past little while.

    In terms of HotDog, he's been working tirelessly on the Corellian Patrol Boat model using ScribbleHEAD's blueprint as a guide.  Here are the images of his WIP:Here is the blueprint:

    Here are the WIP images:

    He is currently in the process of now refining the model and texturing it. I will post up images as soon as he completes that phase of this project.

    Kalo started work on the three satellite variants that you will see littered around planets and bases.  They will have functioning turrets/missiles launchers/radar dishes as well as faction specific colouring. Here is a render of his brilliant work!

    In between creating this project, Kalo also worked on optimizing our beautiful Neutron Star Class Bulk Cruiser.  It's amazing what he's done to Overfiend's model and the performance saving is outstanding. Below, the model on the left is  optimized with 2000 less polygons than the model on the right.

    His next project is the creation of our new Hutt Capital Fleet (yes, you read correctly) working in tandem with Lord X.  He will also work on our capital ship wreck project.  More details about both to come soon!

    Out last big development comes in the effects department with our graphic mod lead, FriendlyFire, creating the visual BOOM for our models.  He's had worked on the project tireleslly over the past few weeks and I'm so pleased with the results.  I can't imagine how good these models and effects will look with our capital ship wreck models!  Below is a video of his work:

    As always any comments, suggestions or questions are always welcomed!

    Check us out on:

  • DistopiaDistopia Baltimore, MDPosts: 20,203Member Epic

    I'll definitely keep an eye on this, thanks for the heads up! Those screens look amazing.

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  • QuetosQuetos Ton pentraPosts: 48Member

    Awesome! Keep up the good work!!!

  • LaterisLateris Phoenix, AZPosts: 1,758Member Uncommon

    I am really glad I kept my freelancer CD. Is there support for wide screen 24" resolution? 

  • FWToW_SushiFWToW_Sushi Toronto, ONPosts: 8Member Common

    Over the past two weeks, ChewieBacca, one of our testers decided to make a teaser trailer for our followers. This is just but a very small, short, glimpse of what you can expect to see when you play FW:ToW this Spring!


    Official Freeworlds: Tides of War Teaser Trailer

    Official Freeworlds: Tides of War Teaser Trailer - Mod DB

    Stay tuned for more updates over the next few weeks! And please, if you haven't already, and you want to support our mod, don't forget to vote for us at the MODDB Mod of the Year Awards!!

    Check us out on:

  • TealaTeala SomewherePosts: 7,569Member Uncommon

    OMG this looks awesome....can you please allow us to play female characters though.    ^_^

  • FWToW_SushiFWToW_Sushi Toronto, ONPosts: 8Member Common

    We definitely can do that!

    Freeworlds: Tides of War Development Video #15

    That's our latest development video. You get the hear the voice of yours truly as well as see our benchmarking system :)

    Check us out on:

  • FWToW_SushiFWToW_Sushi Toronto, ONPosts: 8Member Common

    Check out our new basic shadows we've brought to Freelancer

    Check us out on:

  • stavrjimstavrjim LondonPosts: 4Member

    Hi there, is there an update on when this is actually going to be out? I know you stated Spring 2012, but as we are in Spring 2012, can you please provide more info (and if its already out, any directions on what does one need to do to get the mod started?)

  • FWToW_SushiFWToW_Sushi Toronto, ONPosts: 8Member Common

    Today, we are proud to present to you the demonstrational package of our mod.

    Since it has been taking time for us to finesse the gameplay elements for full release, we wanted to get something out there to our loyal fans. The demo version features prototype systems where you can check out all the ships that will be available in the final build. Also, you can fight in basic NPC battles.

    Another reason for a demo release was the opportunity to test our multiple enhancements to the Freelancer graphics engine on a multitude of different systems. Please note that some of our more recent achievements (shadows, distortion mapping, etc..) did not make the final cut. However, rest assured that we will be updating the demo with fixes and improvements. Also, we plan on expanding the demo later on - stay tuned for more details!

    But now, have fun flying around and shooting stuff in our demo! Download links below: (recommended)

    For those having issues with the demo, please go here:


    From the Freeworlds: Tides of War development team, we thank you for your continued support of this mod.

    Check us out on:

  • FWToW_SushiFWToW_Sushi Toronto, ONPosts: 8Member Common
    Sorry for the necro but I figured to use this post rather than start something else. Not sure if you guys are aware but the MODDB Mod of the Year awards are on and we'd love to get some voting support if you think the mod is deserving to be in the best upcoming mod category.  We'll be posting a plethora of gameplay features/graphic improvements and other things in the next upcoming days so if you are at all interested in the mod, continue to check the site.

    Let me know if there are other questions!


    Check us out on:

  • free2playfree2play Toronto, ONPosts: 1,945Member Uncommon

    I still have my Freelancer disk.

    Can't get the damn thing to work with Vista.

  • frillycheesesteakfrillycheesesteak Reseda, CAPosts: 33Member
    @FWToW_Sushi: Freelancer was a great game. One thing I hated though was no option for joysticks. Does your total conversion at least add Xbox Controller support?

    Read my blog where I write about games and stuff.

  • FWToW_SushiFWToW_Sushi Toronto, ONPosts: 8Member Common

    There is support for gamepads, however, to be honest, you're still at a large disadvantage when you compare this to the standard keyboard and mouse.   That said, if people prefer they can use a gamepad. 

    In other news thanks to your support, we made it into the top 100 mods of the year for the 4th straight year in the row.

    Help us get into the top 5 upcoming mods of the year! By doing so, we increase the publicity of Freelancer and get more people to shoot at when our mod comes out! Due to your love of Star Wars and Freelancer our little mod made it into PC Gamer ( Lets keep the success going and show the world that Freelancer isn't dead.  

    We can only do this with your continued support:

    Thank you,

    The Freeworlds: Tides of War Development Team

    Check us out on:

  • AmanaAmana New York, NYPosts: 3,912Moderator Uncommon
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