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[EU] Raid Pack recruiting for UW

n00baran00bara New LondonPosts: 79Member
other clan leaders check our forums for information about bounties/friendly relationship project or to apply for clan

I am starting new-type-of-clan project with fresh start of df:uw!

So what is Raid Pack?!

We are supposed to be first roaming *I hope mid sized* darkfall clan. It will be all race all class clan - prefering hardcore crew(activity wise) though we won't reject casuals as there will be jobs for everyone to do.

We will play game a bit different then usual! We will initially move like a pack trough the agon and explore it in very detail, starting our move shortly after the launch. Our roam jumps won't be large and everyone will be able to catch up.

Also we will have a special hierarchy in the clan and we will consist of small teams(3-5 players) with 1 team leader and rest following his orders in battle in order to improve efficiency of teamplay! In raids/sieges everyone will listen to the raid/siege leader and team leaders will organize their squads considering the orders they were given. (everything about teams and voice talking will be explained later). I think this type of organization will provide more casual atmosphere with lot more social chatter with benefit of better organization.

The plan is to excel at the game all around(PvE, PvP, trade). We will be focusing on PvE for first few days to let PvP grounds settle up! But if you come over our way, well - trouble awaits you!

We do not plan siege warfare of our own early in the game but instead we will settle up in chaos cities or player cities based on "Friendly Relationship" project which you can apply for at our forums(we plan to settle this business with small clans and avoid zergs and such).

We are also mercenaries and bounty hunters for hire! The bounties can be placed on anyones head besides our own clan mates. As we will be travelling a lot our bounty hunt opportunities will be quite large!

One of the goals for warfare will be to distribute loot so everyone gets something but considering contributions for that event. More plannings and such will be explained on the forums if you get accepted(all this is just a small part of my vision)!

Our roleplaying will be really mild/medium in terms of imagining stuff and so on but what can really be done in the game might be up for considering!

So I guess this sounds good for some people but by joining Raid Pack you will have certain obligations, rules and hierarchy to follow. Also you advance through the clan by your deeds, capabilites and determination!

1) 18+ and mature
2) able to play AT LEAST 5+ hours a week with the clan + the main events
3) determination to excel at teamplay and obey instructions of a higher ranked officers
4) have mumble installed and ready to go(can speak and listen english)
5) contributing to the clan

What you get from the clan:
- friendly and mature socializing
- help
- farming monsters
- PvPing
- trading
- awesome, fun and original Events
- fun plays! LOADS of fun at start!
- amazing experience that you will take to grave with you
- being a part of really special community
- really professional guidance from darkfall vets if you are new player

initial stretch goal: slowly traveling trough the Agon. Exploring, mapping and conquering it! Bringing havoc to every corner of it for a period of time.

secondary goals: getting static holding in active PvP spot to contribute to the PvP aspect of the game

Become a member today! There is always other stuff we can do in preparation to the launch!
if you think you are up for it register and fill recruitment form on our forums!:


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