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Which mmorpg are you currently playing and why? [December]



  • WolfenprideWolfenpride San''doria, WIPosts: 3,988Member

    Planetside 2, because meh. It's mildly entertaining, but I probably won't stick around for more than a month. At least it was free.

    Minions of Mirth because it's basically EQ1 in a different setting. The offline option is nice for when i'm not able to get internet.

  • Darklotus79Darklotus79 HEBER SPRINGS, ARPosts: 61Member

    DC Universe



    Only one that can really hold my interest atm though is DC. I miss WoW but not enough to resub.

  • TenkouseiTenkousei BrusselsPosts: 114Member Uncommon

    None at the moment. My WoW sub ended two weeks ago. I still have GW2 installed but i don't feel the urge to play it. I thought about resubbing for TERA and start a new char, but the lack of different starter zones and alternate paths is a thorn in my side.

    I'm just looking for something that doesn't end up in repeating the same crap daily / weekly. But it's unlikely to happen any time soon.

  • NitthNitth AustraliaPosts: 3,903Member Uncommon


    TSW - AoC - Aion - WOW - EVE - Fallen Earth - Co - Rift - || XNA C# Java Development

  • WraithoneWraithone Salt Lake City, UTPosts: 3,677Member Uncommon

    Firefall beta.

    World of Warcraft (Land of Pandas)... ^^ 

    I was playing RaiderZ, but it runs out of content at level 35.  Not to mention all of the stat stacking and duping that was going on. 

  • Skeeter50Skeeter50 summerville, GAPosts: 147Member Uncommon
    Swtor new sub, pve with trinity...and it is fun. Plenty of info of future updates/content has me interested.. The pvp seems to be getting attention from devs as well.
  • muffins89muffins89 Yakima, WAPosts: 1,585Member Uncommon
    none.  i do RBG's in wow one night a week.   someone shoot me.  irl.
  • thekzethekze Montreal, QCPosts: 180Member Uncommon

    Guild Wars 2, finishing map completion on my 80 necromancer while helping my friend level his engineer, now 51. When he's offline I spend my time in World vs World.

    Name: Troop - You can find me on Jade Quarry!

  • fatboy21007fatboy21007 triadelphia, WVPosts: 409Member
    Wurm Online, Xsyon, Mortal Online and Planetside 2 as side fun ^_^
  • mrBurns210mrBurns210 Clearwater, FLPosts: 114Member

    Currently I am playing a few mmos with no major dedication.

    The ones I am currently enjoying:

    -Star Trek Online ( I love star trek TV series )

    -Age of Wushu (Beta) played the first closed beta and looking forward to the second.

    I really am looking forward to AoW.  It is seemingly turning out to be mmo that might get my attention .I loved the world pvp / crafting system / cultivating my Kung Fu / School events ( War / Patrolling/ Spying ) / and  kidnapping ( I thought it was interesting and really neat that char stayed in game world to become a npc). I am also just huge fan of wuxia movies.

    STO I play because I love ST:TNG and this mmo is set in the universe I really enjoy ( not the new JJ Abrams setting, which is fine and all) STO sucks for pvp, it basically doesn't exist . There are quite a  few new  features that I have come to enjoy, which are the Foundry / duty officers /  ground combat ( used to be dreadful and space combat was always the more enjoyable part of the game ). It more just satisfies my sci-fi tastes adding to the fact that I really enjoy the setting. I also think their f2p model is one of the best.



  • RednecksithRednecksith Madison heights, MIPosts: 1,238Member

    Took advantage of Blizzard putting MoP on sale for $20, and so far having a lot of fun. People love to hate on the game, but it's still the best PVE MMO out there by a long shot.

    Also started a mining / industry character in EVE. LOVING the new mining frigate & ore holds (about goddamn time CCP!). Only problem is finding a highsec belt that isn't already mined dry...

  • ScellowScellow Posts: 164Member Uncommon
    Nothing, i'm waiting for Darkfall ArcheAge and Black Desert Online :)
  • jdnewelljdnewell Spring Hill, TNPosts: 2,151Member Uncommon

    TSW mainly

    GW2 a little

    And several single player games. FC3 has had my attention past week or so. And BL2 I have sunk some time into.

    Nothing really on the MMO front just has me hooked.  Too many good single player games I am looking forward to or am playing atm i suppose.

  • Destiny2010Destiny2010 bahPosts: 327Member Uncommon

    Enjoying AoC at the moment, building and preparing a guild for recruitment and having fun. Awaiting Crafting revamp and new "free" booster pack update for premium players over the next few months.

    Should really get more into TSW, but havent got the time atm :

    Oh well, there`s always next year :)



  • BadaboomBadaboom Moose Jaw, SKPosts: 2,380Member Uncommon
    Gw2 and hopefully soon to be darkfall unholy wars. 
  • Ohura75Ohura75 Muskegon, MIPosts: 6Member Uncommon
    Guild Wars 2, Aion, and doing Hawken Beta.
  • WalterWhiteWalterWhite CardiffPosts: 405Member Uncommon

    Dabbling on a certain MMO which I cannot mention as last time I did I got a warning.

    Apart from that I have spent the rest of my gaming on my PS3 as the rest of the MMO's I liked have either gone F2P and gone downhill or just plain suck nowadays.

    I might leave my PS3 on overnight to download DC Universe Online and give it another try as I gave up on it at lvl 10 when it came out.


  • KroxMalonKroxMalon swindonPosts: 409Member

    AOC- because its FTP.

    TSW- because its new for me and am really liking it..

    Eve- because its Eve.

  • KyleranKyleran Paradise City, FLPosts: 24,014Member Epic
    EVE, because there really isn't any other choice at the moment. But soon, DF:UW.

    On hiatus from EVE Online since Dec 2016 - Screw off-grid PVE boosting changes

    Pouring on extra "Salt" for 2017

    In my day MMORPG's were so hard we fought our way through dungeons in the snow, uphill both ways.

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  • WraithoneWraithone Salt Lake City, UTPosts: 3,677Member Uncommon
    Originally posted by Rednecksith
    Took advantage of Blizzard putting MoP on sale for $20, and so far having a lot of fun. People love to hate on the game, but it's still the best PVE MMO out there by a long shot. Also started a mining / industry character in EVE. LOVING the new mining frigate & ore holds (about goddamn time CCP!). Only problem is finding a highsec belt that isn't already mined dry...

    Best time for that is right after down time. 

  • LarsaLarsa NurembergPosts: 990Member

    Playing Wurm, like I did last month, and the month before, and the month before and the month ...

    Why? To me it's the best sandbox MMORPG available. Sure, the game has it's problems, it's far from perfect - but it does the sandbox very well.



    I maintain this List of Sandbox MMORPGs. Please post or send PM for corrections and suggestions.

  • Sevenstar61Sevenstar61 Centreville, VAPosts: 1,674Member Uncommon
    Playing SWTOR. Don't have time for any other game..  I will probably play TESO as a second MMO if I like it.

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  • fenistilfenistil GliwicePosts: 3,005Member

    None. I don't play any mmorpg.


    I don't like lobby-like gameplay and business models made on cash shops.

    Those few mmorpg's that do diffrently are not good enough or too old.

  • the420kidthe420kid Hamilton, ONPosts: 440Member Uncommon

    playing WoW atm..

    If only the wow content was combined with the gw2 combat somehow those 2 games made a baby I think I would have my favorite PvP game.. the balance / pace / skill from gw2 and the content from WoW namely arena...


    Unofrtunetly thats never going to be a reality so its a choice between an amazing game with silly balance / dps or a balanced game with nothing to do no ladders to try to climb or anything..


    Looking forward to darkfall UW hopefully it will give us some good balanced yet rewarding action.

  • Goatgod76Goatgod76 Stow, OHPosts: 1,214Member

    Vanguard: Saga of Heroes.

    It's got a huge open world without instances, lots of races and classes,   pretty difficult (Have died more in VG than the ,ast 5 MMORPG's combined I am sure), graphics are still great, friendly community.

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