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Trouble with HDD

GrubbsGradyGrubbsGrady brick, NJPosts: 350Member
I just put together my new computer and am using two hard drives for the first time. I have the OS installed and woking on the SSD, but I can't get the regular hard drive to be recognized in windows. I checked my cables and everything seems to be connected properly. Can anyone help me with something more advanced to make this work, thanks.


  • KabaalKabaal Edinburgh, ScotlandPosts: 3,012Member Uncommon
  • GruntyGrunty TexasPosts: 7,063Member Uncommon
    Originally posted by Kabaal
    This link should cover what you need to do

    Before you do that make sure the SATA port the drive is connected to isn't turned off in the BIOS. How you get to the BIOS will be described in your motherboards instructions. It's usually one of the function keys.

  • GrubbsGradyGrubbsGrady brick, NJPosts: 350Member
    I got it working thank you very much! Now I just had a quick question here about having two drives. Since my SSD is set as my C: drive, does that mean anything I try to install is going to automatically install there since my program files and such exist on that drive? I have the 120gb SSD as C: and the 1TB HDD as my F:, and I just want to make sure I don't need to do anythin special with that before I start getting my programs back up and running on this new machine, thanks again.
  • KabaalKabaal Edinburgh, ScotlandPosts: 3,012Member Uncommon

    Things will automatically try to go to C but you can choose to install elsewhere, even Steam allows you to set alternative drive locations now. Just set up a file structure and you'll soon get in the habit of installing things where you want them instead of letting it default to program files.

    Here's mine for example

    You can also include Pictures, Documents etc folders from your storage drive into the default ones on C so the contents show up when you click the default shortcuts for them when they are really on D, F etc.

  • GrubbsGradyGrubbsGrady brick, NJPosts: 350Member
    Thanks a lot to everyone, have it all working just fine now!
  • GrubbsGradyGrubbsGrady brick, NJPosts: 350Member
    Still on the topic of hard drives, is there a way for me to take a game or two from steam and have it on my SSD, or do I have to keep my entire library over there in order do that?
  • GruntyGrunty TexasPosts: 7,063Member Uncommon
    The Steam Beta client will allow multiple locations to save Steam games. Unless it was put in in the last few days you can't do that easily with the release client.
  • KabaalKabaal Edinburgh, ScotlandPosts: 3,012Member Uncommon
    The release client was updated with it a few days ago.
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