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Browser RPG - Dakija [Demo Online!]

fshockfshock JoniskisMember Posts: 9


I’m solo game developer and I would like to show you my game named “Dakija”.

Dakija demo goes ONLINE! Check it here:

game image1

game image

game image 2

game image 3

game image 4

If you are interested in more pictures, you can find here:


What is Dakija?

     Short explanation: Dakija is a browser based fantasy RPG game with a turn-based combat.  You got to choose your hero and develop his abilities, skills, spells the way YOU want. Fighter, Magician (Archer or Monk) – it’s up to you what you want to become. Will you be the hero that legends talk about? Will you be the hero who brings back the piece to this planet, called Dakija? We will see! Currently there are 200+ skills to choose from that can be reached by adding points into balancers every level. Also 100+ spells for spellcasters! Not only offensive spells, but many buffs and curses for more tactical choices. For building your hero you have wide variety of equipments to choose from: 400+ weapons and 200+ armors of different types!

     Story Explanation: You should have born in the lands with great history and achievements. The land of superior technology and evolved higher conscious beings.  However… the evil has hidden dark in the undergrounds and decided to destroy this planet! The enormous explosion in the volcano lying beneath the ground changed the picture of the planet. Disaster, as a word, was too small to describe the situation. Chaos, confusion and pure evil creatures had spread in the world… You are the one, with an ancient power within. You are here to end this chaos! Unleash the powers within you by gaining knowledge about yourself and once and for all – destroy evil!

What the game will be like?

  • Equal to everybody. You don't have to buy premium stuff to be the best!
  • Simple game at the start, but goes deeper and deeper when you’re playing.
  • Turn-based combat with many tactical choices and a field to do so!
  • Control more than one character in battle field for more tactical choices.
  • Different mercenaries and NPCs will fight together with you. Choose a perfect team for the best synergies!
  • Lots of choices for building your hero.
  • Lots of items to choose from. No to one-best-way-build.
  • Multi-way to completing quests, challenging and different ones!
  • Game with a deeper value, the knowledge from never dying truth from the books.
  • Game is not limited to only fighting and doing quests!
  • Never ending development so you can play and play and.. play!

What makes Dakija unique?

My experience in many different games, my fantasy, my passion for RPGs. I bet you think that there are lot of like me? Would you drop everything just to reach your dream? Or do all it takes to reach your dream?  I bet not many can do that, but I want it bad! I will be the game creator and my game will be brilliant! A non-stop evolving epic RPG browser game with a turn-based combat!

Furthermore,  if I like playing my game with never-stopping-need for gaining more, why others shouldn’t like this game? I think you will, especially if you like turn-based combat, lots of different ways to build your hero and challenging quests!

What do I want?

As a solo (indie) developer I’m seeking community’s help to make this development process faster and better. If project gets funded – designer and writer joins development for even greater RPG experience for you! It’s a game made by gamer for gamers!

Support here:


  • fshockfshock JoniskisMember Posts: 9
    Oh.. and forum script thought I'm a spambot. "Nice start" for me.. :|
  • fshockfshock JoniskisMember Posts: 9
    I’d like to share with you that there is an update with a video with gameplay, to be exact, hero creation and explanations. Also, after weekend more video is coming with gameplay! Check out the news here:
  • fshockfshock JoniskisMember Posts: 9
    Honesly, I’m seeking for the answers, the project just doesn’t move forward, what I’m doing wrong? Maybe you know? This is my dream and, I guess, I fail to transmit it to others. I’ve been working all my free time on this game for almost two years, but now it’s just isn’t moving! Do you know how I could improve? Please tell me that, positive or negative, it can be the searched answer.
  • fshockfshock JoniskisMember Posts: 9

    Sorry admins, it's my last multipost.

    Dakija demo goes ONLINE! Check it here:

  • CaldenforCaldenfor Meredith, NHMember Posts: 133

    I am going to be overly blunt. To the point I believe it will come across as rude, but it must be said. Both this thread and the environment at will be touched upon.


    What are you doing wrong? This is the economics forum for a neglected "Developers" corner. Most visitors probably don't even know this forum section exists because it is tucked behind some side link that most people won't even be bothered to notice. It isn't even a sub category, it is a side section. From what I can tell your post doesn't even relate directly to the economics of MMORPGs. So my initial response to what you are doing wrong would be that you are asking the right questions in the wrong forum.


    The concept of people wanting to build their "dream MMORPG" has caused such a pain in the backside for posters that don't care, that these posts had to be moved some where. This is it. This is where MMORPG design, at least, goes to die. Very seldomly does actually discussion take place, but when it does, it can be quite revealing. I understand the need to police public forums from constant attack of baiting trolls, but all too often innocent posters that just want to talk MMO theory are silenced in the process.

    It isn't the fault of, it's moderators, nor the members of the forum. It is just another aspect of society that is tainted. Constructive discussion for the improvement of MMOs is not a bad thing, but this environment is not suitable to the process.

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