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GW2 is not free to play



  • Loke666Loke666 KalmarPosts: 19,908Member Epic
    Originally posted by Toxia
    Ah, You'll argue over anything. :) You play the game for free. you...PLAY....the game...for free... You do not own it for free. It is both buy to play, and free to play. you are ALL right :D

    You dont own any MMO, read the NDAs. You need to buy the game to play, therefor it is B2P just like most othernone MMOs.

    F2P means you can play it without paying a dime, even though you probably have to pay through your noose to play it hardcore.

    I dont see what it matters though, GW2 is stil cheap for a MMO and unlike most F2P games doesnt have an itemshop where you actually need to buy anything.

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