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[Column] The Elder Scrolls Online: A Missed Opportunity in UGC?



  • rammur65rammur65 spokane, WAPosts: 68Member Uncommon
    I ooo hell no someone did not just go out their saying oblivion and skyrim were made for conlole hellz no sure its made so they can be played on a console and thats about it they made it compatible with a contoller but if you want more bang for your buck on both those titles pc will always be the platform your gonna want it on simple fact some pretty awesome mods out there etc etc they release dlcs for xbox faster yay for them but when the pc stuff rolls in its typically nice and bug free for us. I own skyrim and pblivion both xbox and pc versions and pc is far more superior for the serie.
  • OzmangoOzmango MelbournePosts: 5Member
    I just hope there will be an easier way to create more than one character without having to keep track of saved games.  I love to try the various options and find it annoying that you cannot easily have more than one.
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