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The MOST underplayed game... Why???

HellSpreaderHellSpreader LondonPosts: 16Member

I am now convinced...

StarSonata is, simply put, the best game I have ever played in its genre.

I can not understand why there are so few paying players compared to other online games like Runescape or LOTR etc...

I know that the graphics are not perfect, but that is actually the only reason I can see... to do with the actual game.

I think it is catch 22.

There simply isn't the cash budget that can be put into an effective marketing campaign to let people know that this game is out there!!!

I am convinced that everyone who likes character development online space games will adore this game after only a few hours!

Are there any ways that you can think, that don't cost the earth to achieve, yet will broadcast this game to the playerbase out there???


Hell hath no fury like mine



  • AnofalyeAnofalye Quebec, QCPosts: 7,433Member



    I can't see anything about the PvP or the endgame...those are both serious questions I have to get an answer before I even remotedly consider playing a game.


    ATM, Dungeon Runner is the next game to try on my list.  But your welcome to try to convince me.

    - "If I understand you well, you are telling me until next time. " - Ren

  • HellSpreaderHellSpreader LondonPosts: 16Member


    PvP is pretty immense when it happens...  We have already had one large war this universe...  battles rage across galaxies throughout the universe and can involve hundreds of players in different teams, some own the galaxies and can bring their permanent drones and bases into the fight...  Healers run around trying to heal their key fighters whilst avoiding becoming a target themselves! Drone Masters deploy their drones and watch closely as they send a barrage of fire across the galaxy to the oncoming enemy...

    The endgame?  Every universe the endgame has to be the ultimate goal of becoming the universe emperor!!!  You have to claim a galaxy, build a palace and a special emperor ship, keep it alive for 2 full days from hoards of enemy team members, who all join forces to try and prevent this! Then your team has to Tractor (because the emp ship has no engine) the emperor, in his defenceless ship, to Sol at teh centre of the galaxy, and dock it on the Emperor Club base on Earth... where he can claim his rightful place (and Big individual and team rewards)... then the Emp can create an item to be built into the game with his name attached to it...  Thats a pretty damn cool endgame I'd say... being the single ONE player in the entire game, stood up at the top of the playerbase as Emperor...

    Come play it... get out of the noob galaxies, level yourself up to lvl 100+ and you can join our team, Pantalones where I can help you egt up to speed.

    The playerbase is really helpful too, just say you came from this site in ALL chat and people should step up to give you advice and help :)

    See you there, I will be on Abbara or HellSpreader..

    Hell hath no fury like mine

  • e102e102 londonPosts: 6Member

    one of the main problems of star sonata is that it only works on windows. iv tried running it on different oparating systems but is doesn't work on mac or anything else

  • HellSpreaderHellSpreader LondonPosts: 16Member

    Strange, I put a version of Windows on my Mac and it worked fine, though I did have some issues getting the video card working and had to use an emulator (don't ask me, my techy friend did it all).

    But yes, that is one of the only poor points of SS you are quite correct!

    Hell hath no fury like mine

  • e102e102 londonPosts: 6Member

    is star sonata a good game.most free mmorpg's  don't have enough content and ,after a while become repetitive.


    on a side note any Linux users who have trouble installing star sonata try installing wine (



  • HellSpreaderHellSpreader LondonPosts: 16Member

    Try is and see, I think it is fantastic and with Free play you have unlimited time and access to most of the game, although you can't level beyond lvl 20 until you pay.


    But I think its only like $9 per month or cheaper if you buy 3 upfront, so its cheaper than most games out there.

    Hell hath no fury like mine

  • e102e102 londonPosts: 6Member

    Thanks for the advice. ill see you there

  • l2uckusl2uckus seattle, WAPosts: 1Member

    The staff on the game ban people from the game to much. I know i did and i will not play the game ever agian becouse it took to long to get to my lvl before they baned me perminetly. I got to say i like the game but the staff stink. REAL BAD!

  • Guest99Guest99 SydneyPosts: 8Member

    I would coin it on the game's website; I was looking through the websites of other indie MMO's and the websites looked professional like a lot of money had been spent on the website alone which definitely warranted a closer look from me, looking at the Star Sonata website however it can't compare and doesn't really draw you into looking further.

    I would also like to say that the staff of this game are great, people like the person that posted before me are either trolling or trying to cause trouble because they're in the minority. People aren't banned without good reason by the staff and they have an active player-support team for handling player problems.

  • ashiresashires Mineral Wells, TXPosts: 10Member

    The community for the most part consists of a few people with a bunch of accounts each that can manage to wipe out pretty much anyone on the game at will.

    They represent so much of the revenue of the game that nothing can be done about them so they have pretty much dragged a fun little game into their own little feifdom/ They know it, and exploit it at every turn.

    It is a fun game. but pretty much a dead end for more than a casual look over.

  • TaekwondoBoyTaekwondoBoy Medford, ORPosts: 2Member

    I thought this game was a lot of fun for a long time. I found several things that really turned me off about the game. The first were all the changes the developers would make to classes and the constant fall out that took place. This would make it very dificult for those playing to keep up if they were not on a big team.


    The fact that a few people controlled all the resources in the game. They owned all the best accounts and had all the resources. This made the game very unbalanced and made the economy very maliable by a few individuals. 


    I played the game very heavily for a little over a year and just found that I could not really go any further without joining one of the major teams, and didnt like what that entailed.



  • Jey192837Jey192837 Saguenay, QCPosts: 3Member

    As i posted in another topic on this forum

    Star Sonata "p2p" or premium accounts qty has seen very little changes over the past few years (which is a shame but not dramatic, there are enough to keep the game running and some more). On the other end, the ammount of unique players has increased dramatically over the last 2 years. We are currently averaging at a little over 3000 unique ip connecting to the live server every week.

    I cannot reveal the precise p2p stats for various reasons. But the ratio between old players (those players with so much that you say they control the game/5 years old+ accounts) and "new" players (players that joined in the past 2 years) is much lower than you seem to think. A good chunk of the old players left with c2 release (were looking at well over half leaving without giving their account), that hole was quickly filled up by the rush of new player there was with the release and the current ammount of new player going premium is just about as much as the ammount of players leaving. 


    It is nothing massive compared to a lot of big mmo's around. but its enough to ensure the game will not disapear anytime soon ;).

    Its perfectly natural for players to leave a game once they are bored of it. In my personal experience, there are very little number of games that kept me playing as long as star sonata did (i played for a little over 4 years before i became a developer)and i still play to this date.


    Although your point on the fact that a group of old players can destroy anything once you reached a level they can attack (generally at that point, you will have been playing for quite some time and will know the people). Randomly attacking on team much smaller than your own is shunned by the communauty, it very rarely happen for a respected team to actually attack a smaller team for no reason (there is very little fun to be had since the fight pose no challenge and there is essentially nothing to gain). 

    Even with that, you only open yourself to losing a lot if you build bases in pvp territory (wild space). celestial garden and earthforce space are both 100% safe from pvp (granted, with less ressources but still enough to do just about anything if you really want to).


    As for your argument about reaching a point where you need to join a big team. Thats not something new, nor is it caused by the fact a fair fraction of the player base is extremely old players. Back when i started, i played mostly solo / with one of my rl friend. We did not meddle with big teams and were very carefull about even talking to them due to the fact that back then, a lvl 1000 could come and kill your level 200, destroy all your permanent possession (they were plain simply gone) and get away with it. I never joined a big team, i made my own. Invited other people of my level, and we had a shit load of fun. Yes it took a few days / weeks to get it going. but once it start growing, it become a big team before you even notice it. 

    At least, nowaday, small team have places they can build safely, learn about the game without having to worry everytime an high level is in the same galaxy as them, if they do risk building in pvp buildable territory, when an enemy attack, they destroy more bases than they capture, and for quite some time now, destroyed base remain in a destroyed state for a few days, giving you a chance to recover most of the equipement/money that was on it.


  • FrodoFraginsFrodoFragins Manchester, NHPosts: 3,506Member Rare
    I've never even heard of this game.  So I'd say lack of advertising has to be a big reason.
  • Jey192837Jey192837 Saguenay, QCPosts: 3Member

    we are actually investing a decent ammount in advertising (at least, as much as we can afford XD). But yea, if we could somehow find a few dozen extra thousands$ to throw shamelessly in advert, it could make a difference ! xD

    Its actually in an effort to get some more visibility that ive been looking around for places we should be mentioned/ mentioning us xD. 

    The fact that you had not heard of the game before today tell me at least one new person heard of the game thanks to it, its a start !


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