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Myrdragor - Sandbox / Classless / New ideas

TredoTredo Springfield, MOPosts: 237Member Uncommon

Guys I ran across this the other day... have a look.


Even though it has a .de its in english.


From the site:



What is Myrdragor?

Myrdragor combines the classic MMORPG with the freedom of a classic RPG, it combines open world aspects and sandbox concepts, it has the ambition to create a free and vibrant world. Myrdragor gives players the opportunity to  be relevant to the world and its history, by their actions and their creativity. You don’t play Myrdragor, you're part of Myrdragor.

  • Classless system. Develop your own character based on hundreds of skills and talents.
  • Build a town with your friends, advance your settlement to a city, trade and defend against your enemies. Enjoy the luxury of your own house between the adventures, invite your friends and design your home exactly as you need it.
  • Wage war and set the country on fire. Raise your sword against the king, against the elves or against your neighbor. It's your decision.
  • Enjoy more dungeons, as you've ever seen in any other MMO.
  • Build your own landscapes, quests or dungeons with the MyrdragorEditor and send them to us. Maybe you'll find them soon in the game.

Myrdragor is more than just an MMO. Its economics and strategy, dungeoncrawling, hack and slay, politics and role-playing combined in a wonderful living world where anything is possible.



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