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how come i can't join any outfits?

JakdstripperJakdstripper British Columbia, CanadaPosts: 2,208Member Uncommon

so i downloaded this game 2 days ago and strangely it's actually quite addicting. the zones feel incredibly huge and it's cool how you can actually do stuff solo. yesterday we had a zerg going that i swear had like 30 tanks and just as many space ships......just watching the mass of people moving from station to station gave me goose bumps of excitment. it's was pretty epic.

 anyways i can join squads but nobody really comunicats in squads, so i wanted to look into joining an outfit. the only problem is that when i click on the "outifit" button there are no outfits to's like the list is empty......what gives?


  • JonokuJonoku Cool, PAPosts: 645Member
    doesn't work that way, you gotta get invited, the outfit tab is for when your in the outfit. If you wanna create one, there should be a button to.

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  • An4thorAn4thor RomaPosts: 524Member
    Outfits are more or less like guilds. You can either get invited by someone who is part of an Outfit; or create your own.
  • JakdstripperJakdstripper British Columbia, CanadaPosts: 2,208Member Uncommon
    i see, so i have to look at the forums for outfits looking for players.
  • fadisfadis funkg, GAPosts: 469Member



    There is an easier way.  When you look at the squads that are available for you to join - often Outfits will have "recruiting" squads open to anyone... join one of those!


    While you're in the squad - someone will surely invite you to the outfit or talk about what needs to be done... or just speak up and say you are interested.

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