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Firefall: 2nd Beta Weekend Keys Here!

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Red 5 Studios is inviting thousands of new players from around the world to join Firefall's upcoming Beta Weekend and help them stress-test the servers.  This first beta weekend will run Dec 7 through Dec 9, 2012 beginning Friday at 19:00 CET/10:00AM PST and ending Sunday at 24:00 CET/3:00PM PST.  Get your key now!


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  • JonokuJonoku Cool, PAPosts: 645Member

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  • nuttobnuttob Plantation, FLPosts: 291Member
    Played the last beta, and here are my impressions.  Graphically its awesome, especially when it turns to nightime.  Kind of a steep learning curve to figure out how everything works.  I am still a little confused about certain things.  A little more investigation should solve that.  The gameplay is hard for me to get used to.  If I can get good at all the jumping around and aiming you have to do, I might just enjoy this game.  Going to wait at this point for final release before playing any further.
  • MilanderMilander CanadaPosts: 175Member Uncommon

    Played the last beta as well, and from what I saw, it looks pretty good. Like Nuttob, there are a few things I still need work on, one is a very unforgiving mechanic that if done wrong leads to a sudden case of dead. Sure it's a beta so it has the 'standard' beta bugs, holes in the world and strange AI issues but nothing that wont be fixed (hopefully) soon. The crowd is fun too, most ready to help with problems and such. There was just one little issue I had, that is the phrase "It's a beta" was used just way too much. I ran into an issue, and talked about it in the general chat tab to try and see if it was ME that was doing something wrong, if it was a known problem, or had I found something 'new'. I get back in a matter of moments various versions of "Its beta, if you want a perfect game, get out!" Even after actually spending the moment to give the reason behind my question the same people (for the most part) repeated their 'soapboxing'  *sigh* I should know better than to think a beta testing group from "free keys all over" is going to be a social group who wants to make a game the best possible and NOT have the mental stability of an eight  year old spoiled troll?


    All and all, a good beta...get in if you can :)


  • JonokuJonoku Cool, PAPosts: 645Member
    I don't really care for it but a friend likes it so I'm playing anyway.

    Looking at: The Repopulation
    Preordering: None
    Playing: Random Games

  • TheDarkrayneTheDarkrayne YorkshirePosts: 3,102Member Uncommon
    I didn't really enjoy it so the hype level is pretty low for me. I did enjoy the PvP matches a bit though.. they have that old school feel of Quake and Unreal deathmatches. For that reason I will chek it out again at release.
  • BazelleBazelle AttleboroughPosts: 5Member Uncommon
    My son & I liked it so much...we got bronze founders pack each. Yes there are bugs, but they seem to be ironing them out!...just try it! may surprise yourself!...lookn forward to whats on offer in its future!
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