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PaddyspubPaddyspub mcpherson, KSPosts: 104Member

1. Has better graphics and sound: GW2 > SWTOR

2. Worlds feel more alive, stuff to do, non-static: GW2 > SWTOR

3. Has better pvp modes and options: GW2 > SWTOR

4. Game Engine that isnt old and doesnt make your gaming rig chug: GW2 > SWTOR

5. Has more interesting playable races (that arent all humanoid): GW2 > SWTOR

6. Has the BEST F2P system: GW2 > SWTOR

7. Better CS: GW2 > SWTOR

8. Game that is most likely to still be around in 5 years: GW2 > SWTOR

My 2 cents!

Tbe Repopulation will be what SWTOR shouldve been.



  • SereliskSerelisk somewhere, NYPosts: 836Member

    Lol... I'm so mad that, at least for 30 seconds after reading it, I misunderstood that entire thing. I didn't read the numbers as a listing. I thought those were subsequent releases of SWTOR and you were saying each of these features GW2 has is gonna be better than the next 8 or so versions of Star Wars The Old Republic...

    Oh boy am I silly. 

  • Zeus.CMZeus.CM ZagrebPosts: 1,788Member

    This won't end well...


    I agree though...

  • VolkonVolkon Sterling, VAPosts: 3,788Member Uncommon
    I didn't know SWTOR was still running. Go figure.

    Oderint, dum metuant.

  • killion81killion81 A City, MIPosts: 995Member Uncommon
    While the very detailed proof of each point makes this an informative thread, I have to ask "Why?".
  • wireded21wireded21 NorfolkPosts: 131Member Uncommon

    To be honest I can't understand how you can like one and hate the other... they are both WoW clones anyway...

    They are both pretty much... well... meh.

  • DMKanoDMKano Gamercentral, AKPosts: 14,962Member Legendary
    Both are disappointing games at max level.
  • KarteliKarteli Providence, PAPosts: 2,646Member

    GW2 is far from perfect if that is what you were getting at.  While the points you bring up may paint a rosey picture for GW2 (and few could discount the points of comparison), GW2 does have a rather drab storyline, lack of emotes, lack of guild usefulness, lack of proression, lack of character purpose & comparison / rivalries with other characters.  GW2 is extremely more anti-social than SWTOR, although that's not saying much since SWTOR had a strong single player focus as well, just not as bad.


    Both games are just a throwaway themepark style game that someone will eventually get bored of, although SWTOR had more longevity (to me).  3 months of SWTOR compared to < 1 month of GW2. meh


    Oh and SWTOR had a helluva lot better music score than GW2 has.


    So ... SWTOR isn't the perfect MMORPG, but neither is GW2.  If they ever had a child, it would be a kickass MMORPG though!

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  • WahrHeitWahrHeit SantiagoPosts: 57Member Uncommon
    SWTOR>This thread.
  • PurutzilPurutzil Posts: 3,048Member Uncommon

    Has the most bias fans that would tell a load of bull and gloat about it despite having no bearings on it. Gw2 > SWTOR.


    Seriously, I'm not huge on GW2 as it is, i don't need you fanboys making it worst.  Its bad enough for me SWTOR > GW2 (utilzing your lame post there and what you used) and I find SWTOR cringe worthy in terms of lot of its design choices and gameplay. Threads like this only make me look down more at GW2. 


    Yes, I didn't need to do that stupid > comparison, but heck, why not copy something stupid the thread started doing. XD

  • ZorgoZorgo Deepintheheartof, TXPosts: 2,225Member Uncommon
    Originally posted by Serelisk
    Lol... I'm so mad that, at least for 30 seconds after reading it, I misunderstood that entire thing. I didn't read the numbers as a listing. I thought those were subsequent releases of SWTOR and you were saying each of these features GW2 has is gonna be better than the next 8 or so versions of Star Wars The Old Republic... Oh boy am I silly. 

    No you aren't silly.

    Generally, when people write lists, they do so in the following manner:

    1. blah

    2. blah blah

    3. etc.

    In fact, rules of proper writing exist to aid in comprehension. When you don't follow the rules, the writer risks the audience confusing the meaning. 

    These rules also exist for the author as much as the reader. Most people write intending the words to be read. Therefore, it is implicit in the act of writing that the author wishes his words to be 'understood'. Therefore, a set of rules exist which not only help with the reader's understanding, but also help the author express meaning. 

    Ironically, 'grammar Nazi's' are often derided by authors. The person actually is sympathetic to the author. They understand the author is trying to clearly convey an idea, and they are attempting to help with that. Sadly, this often takes the form of sarcasm or at the highest aspiration, satire.

    I too, upon reading the original post felt it 'hurt' my brain for the lack of organization.

    As to the content of his post, I think my post tells you what I believe its merits to be. While I too believe GW2 to be a better game than ToR, the motives of the author were a lot clearer than the way he organized his list.

  • ShakyMoShakyMo BradfordPosts: 7,207Member Common
    It's nothing to brag about being better than swtor. I expect all mmos to be better than swtor.
  • immodiumimmodium ManchesterPosts: 2,158Member Uncommon
    Sci-Fi > Fantasy

  • itgrowlsitgrowls newport news, VAPosts: 2,951Member

    SMDH @ GW2 is a wow clone.

    It might be many things right now, especially with the vertical grind addition but it's no clone, anyone still claiming that has never played it once. smh

    On a side note, I'm finding out that people will spend money on just about anything doesn't matter how bad anymore. Just look at the climb in numbers in WoW. (even tho I haven't seen any new reports since just after MoP launched really.) Just look at how many people watched the honey boo boo child show or jersey shore. Point is people are going to pay for crap, even when they know it's crap. SWTOR isn't on the top of the list of great products imo either.

  • Agent_JosephAgent_Joseph Posts: 1,221Member Uncommon

    I playing TOR ,dont care for GW2...

    GW2 is great game but I just I dislike it,hate asian bassed graphic , GW fantasy setting world/universe... but as I say it is great mmo

    only EVE is real MMO...but I am impressive with TSW

  • TheDarkrayneTheDarkrayne YorkshirePosts: 3,101Member Uncommon
    I honestly played SWTOR for longer than GW2 at release. Probably played GW2 more though if you count beta hours.
  • negativf4kknegativf4kk WorthingPosts: 381Member Uncommon

    two very diffrent games.

    GW2 at least got publishes who care about game not only profit.

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  • ShakyMoShakyMo BradfordPosts: 7,207Member Common
    I'm not Trolling. Swtor is the worst mmo I've ever played.

    But I don't like wow and swtor felt like a very badly done space wow.
  • fat_taddlerfat_taddler Wanaque, NJPosts: 286Member

    Unfortunately for the genre, WoW is still better than both GW2 and SWTOR.  


  • eliteroelitero fremont, CAPosts: 264Member Uncommon

    Originally posted by mnwild1998
    Originally posted by negativf4kktwo very diffrent games.GW2 at least got publishes who care about game not only profit.

    Keeping the AH offline for weeks at launch making the only way to make gold was to buy gems from their store with real money and then use those gems (you paid real money for) to buy in game gold. Hmm your right they dont care about profit lol

    LOL this guy let me put my damn tin foil hat on.

  • coretex666coretex666 PraguePosts: 2,973Member Rare
    Originally posted by fat_taddler
    Unfortunately for the genre, WoW is still better than both GW2 and SWTOR.    

    Which is why it is P2P and the others are F2P.

    It is not fair to compare F2P games with P2P.

  • CrosswireCrosswire ManchesterPosts: 250Member Uncommon
    SWTOR quickly became very boring after you left the strater level.   GW2, is great after you leave the starter level.  :)
  • Skeeter50Skeeter50 summerville, GAPosts: 147Member Uncommon
    I recently went from f2p to a sub in swtor. Servers have plenty of action and I love the game, something I never felt for GW2.
  • XeoMatrix00XeoMatrix00 Boynton Beach, FLPosts: 39Member

    Ppl are looking for the best thing the problem is that their isnt one. What we have now is different MMO for different kind of players. They will not be a one MMO better than another.

    Each player has its own liking and will choose the game it likes the most. To get a new mmo that will have more than 10m players like wow, the dev have to comply to every player type which is hard sense we are getting more atune to what we like.

    1. WoW : Most players that dont need a hardcore machine, and enjoy the warcraft lore.

    2. Rift : Players that dont want to play WOW but want to play a new story completely

    3. GW2 : Players that want to play a MMORPG but dont want to be logged for hours straight. The best benefit of a nonsub game.

    4. SWTOR : Star Wars Fans of any type, also for players that prefer scifi lore.

    5. TSW : Players that want to play on envirorement similar as reality instead of fantasy world or outer space

    I myself played WoW, SWTOR, TSW, GW2, at the moment im with GW2 because i dont feel that im loosing money when I play (I'm a family man) also the lore for me is unique and different so that is something i like a lot. But the same may not be for you.


  • SuperDonkSuperDonk Vancouver, WAPosts: 759Member Uncommon

    Time spent in-game SWTOR>GW2.


    While I have been a critic of SWTOR, playing it through to max level was far more enjoyable than leveling in GW2. To this day I still don't have a GW2 character above level 30 and dont ever see myself hitting max level in that game. In SWTOR I got to max level with two toons before I threw in the towel.

  • XeoMatrix00XeoMatrix00 Boynton Beach, FLPosts: 39Member
    Originally posted by mnwild1998
    Originally posted by XeoMatrix00
    [mod edit]


    Oh wow now the haters are resorting to name calling very mature. Btw I do not think its the best MMO but I am enjoying it along with a lot of others. Im sorry you take it so personal that others like a VIDEO GAME!!!

    What i hate is not the game but certain players that start comparing. I;m a Gw2 player but the OP really had to go that far to compare. SWTOR is for some ppl and Gw2 is for others and thats that.

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