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Open world pvp?



  • L0C0ManL0C0Man Puerto OrdazPosts: 1,065Member Uncommon
    Originally posted by Vunak23
    Originally posted by Jonoku
    Originally posted by kabitoshin
    I don't know if anyones said this but open world pvp can't work in this game no factions only races. How is open world pvp going to work when everyones on the same side?

    OPvP doesn't match the lore, another reason why it wont work. What do you ask for OP? free for all?

    You must not be familiar with Guild Wars if you think OWPvP wouldn't fit the lore...


    Hell read the GW2 books.. people are still very much at each others throats. 

    May fit the general lore, but wouldn't fit the story as it is in the game right now. In the books the human and charr are still at war, the game begins few years after Ghosts of Ascalon, and the humans and charr declared a truce so there's really no open hostilities anymore, and both governments (human and charr) are stomping down on members of their respective races that still want to remain hostile.

    Two ways I can see OWPvP made to work with the story of the game is either a canthan themed expansion that brings back an updated version of the whole luxons/kurziks thing from GW1, or an alliance between the "evil" versions of each race (inquest, nightmare court, flame legion, sons of svanir and the bandits), again, going by the lore, I don't see at least the nightmare court working together with the inquest.

    (nerd mode on)According to the story, when one of the first sylvari (Malomedies) met an asura for the first time (Kudu), he was captured and experimented upon, given back to the Sylvari heavily injured after they decided he was an actual sentient creature and not just a plant mimicking one. Kudu, the one that experimented on him, believed that the eternal alchemy is just a machine like any other that can be manipulated at will, and that includes experimentation and manipulation on other sentient creatures, which was why he founded the inquest. On the other hand, one of the reasons (among several others) that led Cadeyrn create the Nightmare Court was that the pale tree refused to act on revenge against the asura because of that. Also, the whole idea of the nightmare court is to eliminate the influence of the ventari tablet on the sylvari so I really doubt they'd seek a long term alliance with the other groups (maybe for some short term goals sometimes).

    Also, Charr's flame legion, starting in Eye of the North, worshipped the destroyers, and I guess afterwards Primordius once it awakened, while on the other hand the Sons of Svanir worship Jormag. The dragons, as far as we know, are hostile to each other, and primordius (fire) and Jormag (ice) seem to be on opposite ends of the spectrum, so I doubt they'd form an alliance either.

    (nerd mode off)

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