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Meglomaniacal Opus, first impression. Uber Garden Introl.

livewenlivewen Los Angeles, CAPosts: 7Member Uncommon

The both intros reminds me of a Doctor Who where the megalomaniac

wanted to have plants rule the earth crossed with the guy on PBS in  the Eighties

who hosted the "Victwry Garden" a` la post -al gone apocalyptic Earth.


I thought nobody would film this.



  • kagorsakagorsa herefordPosts: 5Member Uncommon

    Argo game play isn't too bad for a FTP game, better than a lot of them, but it is a typical grind fest and it sufers from the ported game syndrom.  The bugs don't get fixed . The forums are pretty much dead looking at the dates on the posts. From what I have read there are hardly any people still playing. I managed to get to lvl 17 and did the pet quest, but I havn't managed to find a pet merchant in Inisum. The marker is there but no npc. So I figure that got taken out along with the vehicles.  I noticed a post on their forums about the vehicles being taken out for some repairs, so I asume they did the same with the pets and that was months ago.

    If you are looking for an mmo single player game because your board then go for it, but if your looking for a community don't bother.

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