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[Column] General: Pausing before Pledging



  • WraithoneWraithone Salt Lake City, UTPosts: 3,676Member Uncommon
    Originally posted by Norden
    Good read. In fact this "tearing down" has become so bad in here, it's hardly worth reading about new games here any more. Who wants to sift through hundreds of pages of crap to find a few objective nuggets?

    I use these types of sites as a collector/filter for games that may be of interest.  I then do my own research and decide if they are worth my time.   I do not expect "objective" reviews or columns.  EVERYONE has an agenda, and that fact has to be kept in mind, when examining the opinions and information one comes across. 

  • Postal13Postal13 Milton, ONPosts: 94Member
    I reinstalled the 25Gb of SWTOR after the f2p came out and found that my old server was merged with another one and i'd have to rename all of my characters. I promptly uninstalled the game and lamented on my loss of bandwidth usage.

    Cunfushus says "Only through wasting time do we realize that time should not be wasted."

  • RaventreeRaventree Yourtown, MNPosts: 456Member

    To single out a point that was made, I think an article on how the internet has become a teardown society is a very good idea.  Any of us who have spent time perusing the forums have most likely realized that virtually any game no matter how good is likely to be hit by a tidal wave of moaning and screaming immediately upon release and the flood of negativity is bound to have an effect on people debating whether to play a game or to stick with one.  Not only that, but people who choose to remain positive are often attacked as well.  As an example the term "fanboy" only has one purpose and that is to try to insult and invalidate the opinion of someone who doesn't jump on the teardown bandwagon.  If you don't agree that game x is the worst ever you are just a fanboy and thus your opinion doesn't count.

    So write away sir, and I will be sure to add my two cents to the conversation.

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