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The Hag of Gloamwood Pines?

BathnorBathnor Standish, MEPosts: 136Member Uncommon
Greetings Telarians, I am trying to finish up in Gloamwood and wanted to get the achievement for killing the hag. I finished the quest today to confront the hag at her cottage. I thought it would be my chance to get the achievement. Instead she cursed me and teleported me away.

When I returned to the quest giver, I was told that killing the hag or speaking to a NPC in Gloamwood Pines would cure me of the curse. I chose to kill the hag and went back to her cottage, but she wasn't there. So my question is, where can I find the hag to kill to cure me and get me my achievement?


  • alterfenixalterfenix Bielsko-BialaPosts: 360Member Uncommon
    After you get teleported next quests are done north of the hub (go across the bridge to the north and then up to the top) - do all quests there and evenrtually you will get next quest with Hag.
  • BathnorBathnor Standish, MEPosts: 136Member Uncommon
    Thanks for the relpy. I finished the quests today and got the achievement for slaying the hag. I am still shy 13 quests for the quest achievement. Will log in tonight and see if I missed a quest hub somewhere.
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