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The point of this game is unknown?



  • NorseGodNorseGod My Bunker, MTPosts: 1,104Member Uncommon
    Originally posted by mikecackle
    I mean the game just makes ZERO sense all the way around to me You can be a sniper and one shot a heavy infantry from 300m or even further.. I dont even play this stupid inf class, because I have skill and can move and shoot and don't need to be invisible to do this, but whatever the range... can one shot you, full energy shield and health and even like +15% hit points....  ONE SHOT KILLS YOU... But, then, i have a heavy machine gun wiht HUGE DAMAGE, almost full bar of the damage meter that compares guns and I run point blank next to a Infiltrator or a Light Assault, or a Medic (worse of all, because for some reason a medic can slaughter your ass silly with his pea shooter)  and I go toe to toe point blank and even though I am putting like 30 rounds into the player he is NOT dieing... I repeat, 30 rounds from a heavy gun, from 5 meters and the player does NOT DIE..... But then at the same time.. other people come behind me and its like phhhft phhhffft phhhfft.. in .5 seconds im dead... not even have the reaction to hit my shields even though its the first thought on my mind and my finger is right erhere.. literally faster than a half a second... Makes absolutely NO sense to me whatsoever, i have 100 bullets, woop dee do.. means nothing.. how is this a heavy class? Game is made perfectly to suck money, nothing but money digging on this game.. Create a fish in the barrel linear warzone, with one shot snipers and cloakers, just what the kids want to pretend to be super heros, make a pointless grinder, with a ridiciculous slow progression system of boredom, sit back and collect the impulse sales... Well done sony... well done... but sorry I wont be back for your next one  

    I'm only replying to this thread because I assume that you actually believe in what you are saying. There are three things I will correct you on.

    First, you are not a good player. You don't have "skillz". 90% of the players play exactly as you descibed, holding the left mouse button down while running around bases, bunny-hopping, circle-strafing, and calling out "I need more ammo". That requires no skill at all. Eventually, you'll have to kill someone doing that. Who wouldn't die in a hail of bullets? Please, stop kidding yourself. You have 100 rounds of ammo in just one mag and you complain that it isn't enough? And you are to make us believe that you have "skill"?

    Secondly, as mentioned above, you have 300 rounds of ammo, not 100. You can also cert to get even more. If you would pry your finger off the left mouse button and reload mags, you would know this. Also, you have rocket launchers with locking rockets. You are 1 of the 3 infantry classes that can kill tanks solo. You are 1 of the 2 infantry classes that can kill aircraft solo. The other class being a MAX. But, unlike a MAX, you can ride in vehicles and aircraft. When I fly, I don't get killed by turrets or enemy aircraft, I get killed by MAX and Heavy Assault rockets.

    Third, I play an Infiltrator and you clearly have not. The only weapon we have that can 1-shot somebody is the bolt-action sniper rifle. My mag has 5 rounds with 5 mags. That's 25 rounds to your 300. Depending on faction (because each has different stats), it takes around 2 seconds to chamber another round. 3 - 5 seconds just to change mags. Assault weapons take 2 -3 seconds to empty a 30 round mag. Tell me, who is going to win this fight toe-to-toe?

    As for cloaking, you can still see us. It is mostly useless except when I run across a field at distance. It lasts 12 seconds if fully charged. I have been killed countless times while cloaked. I don't want to hear about cloaking. You're making it sound like a rogue class and it is not like that at all.

    Did you know when you get hit, there is a red indicator telling you what direction it came from? You know, the big red one in the middle of your screen? With exception, is the suppressor. Which I have only came across 2 snipers using it. The reason being is that it causes the bullet to drop low at distance. If those few can make those kind of shots from 800 yards away, let them. THAT is skill.

    This is how I play an Infiltrator (which depends a lot on where the fight is):

    If it's an open battlefield, I usually go with the bolt-action. I'm always further out than 300 yards. In fact, if I have a bolt-action equipped, you'll almost never find me inside 300 yards (unless there's a capping situation I can get to). Keep in mind, it takes me a long time to get out to a good spot. When I run out of ammo, I'm screwed. I have to run out of my spot to resupply unseen. That's where cloak comes in. Cloak is unseen at long distances unless someone is looking for it.

    At this range, I call targets such as Sunders and tanks. I kill Engies healing MAX, Engie using turrets, Medics, and Heavy Assaults (due to their nasty tank/aircraft killing locking rockets). Then, I kill targets of opportunity. But never to give my position away.

    If its a closer fight, I use a semi-auto rifle. I spend this time inside 300 yards. I have a better chance of going toe-to-toe with the assault classes. However, a headshot from this rifle doesn't 1-shot you.

    At this range, I target anyone. I roam around the field. I come in and cap. I come in and hack terminals. I come in and destroy shield generators. I hack enemy turrets and use them on their own base. Basically, I terrorize the enemy and avoid fights as much as possible.

    In closing, I suggest that you try Infiltrator for a few fights and learn their weknesses. They need perfect conditions to pull off head shots at a safe position, unseen. I have a feeling that you already have and gave up on it. Automatic weapons and locking weapons is ez-mode. Not worth bragging about at all.

    Oh, and I'm sorry that you are confused with the point of this video game. I hope you find one with a point in the near future. But that's not really why you made this post, is it......



    Playing: 3D chess while while others play checkers.

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  • neosapienceneosapience Reno, NVPosts: 164Member

    The game doesn't suck, OP's frustration comes from the fact that PS2 is meant to be played at a very quick pace. Most people are used to games giving you some 'leeway' when it comes to combat. In PS2, if you aren't aware of your surroundings and just mindlessley zerg points, you're going to die, A LOT.

    Large scale shooters aren't common, so it's easy to understand why people are having trouble with PS2. The lack of a decent tutorial is partly to blame, but the game is F2P and you really shouldn't have any complaints.

  • Crunchy222Crunchy222 new york, ILPosts: 386Member

    There is no point. 

    Its a shallow arcade based shooter...note...not competative esport based shooter.

    You go into the action quick, you die fast and kill fast.  Lots of crazy shit happens, some of it hilarious, some of it does have a certain.."holy crap thats crazy"..aspect to it.

    It does very well in terms of getting you into action fast, providing a massive 3 aspect battleground with air,land, and infantry all together.

    It also does persistant world well, you can go to one base with a standoff for hours, or jump into a base getting flipped and attack or defend.  Fly there, dive there, hop a ride there, or hot can even redeploy wich gives you respawn options as if you just died.

    Theres no point to any of it other than gaining XP, which give you CERTS, which you use to improve weapons, your "gear" add utilites and options. You can also buy weapons and vehicle/air guns with them as well as pay real money.

    Spawning air/vehicles costs resources that trickle in based on territory your faction owns, all all items have cool downs which can be reduced with certs improving the redeploy improvement.


    Thats it, fllip the bases and cause mayhem for the lulz or for certs.

    This is what GW2 should have been, its addicting, requires skill but offers support that doesnt really require anythimg more than situational awareness.

    This is not a mmoRPG nor does it attempt to be.

  • Mad+DogMad+Dog EdinburghPosts: 733Member Uncommon

    I still dont know what the point of this game is?

    I run around with a load of other dudes, take some basis, kill some other dudes, for what reason Im not sure...

    Any one worked it out yet?



  • AdalwulffAdalwulff Sacramento, CAPosts: 1,152Member

    Planetside 2 is epic! Other than the numerous bugs, mostly small stuff but still very annoying.

    The point of the game is to have fun. If you like group play and "military" type tactics, then Planetside 2 is the game to play right now.

    I still dont understand the complaining about money, of course SOE wants to make money, they all do...we all do! If the game has what you want then play it, buy want to want or dont, simple as that.

  • Loke666Loke666 KalmarPosts: 19,903Member Epic

    That is balance issues, not the point of the game. The point of the game is to kill the enemies and have fun while you do it, nothing else.

    Snipers are a bit too powerfull in most FPS games, on the other hand is that realistic but maybe not so fun.

  • WraithoneWraithone Salt Lake City, UTPosts: 3,676Member Uncommon

    The ENTIRE focus of the game is shooting other players. Period.  Forever, and ever... Amen... ^^  Give it time, the FOTM (flavor of the month) cycle will no doubt start.  

    Player; "I was killed by class A!! Nerf Class A! Class A is OP!!!".  When the howling has gone on long enough, class A gets nerfed into the ground.  Next comes Class B, C, D...  Then the next phase of the cycle starts.  Dev; "No one is playing class A! Buff class A!"... Loop back to start "I was killed by class A! Nerf class A! Class A is OP!!!"... Repeat this FOREVER...

    Welcome to multi player PvP Hell. I'm your case worker Juneo... ^^

  • rawfoxrawfox HamburgPosts: 749Member Uncommon
    Originally posted by Mad+Dog
    I still dont know what the point of this game is? I run around with a load of other dudes, take some basis, kill some other dudes, for what reason Im not sure... Any one worked it out yet?    

    Im not playing it yet but what i read, its about world dominance.

    Due to the huge battlefield (is it really that huge ?) the battles should not take hours but days and weeks to win and it should be a faction dominating thing.


    Should i give it a try ?... just curious, but there have been so many games arround ...

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