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Job/Class/Profession Change MMOs?

ishraqiyun77ishraqiyun77 SF, CAPosts: 6Member

Hi there!

First time post. I've been playing FFXI since 2004 and FFXIV since May 2012. Well, not so much FFXI since I started playing FFXIV because I like it better. However, when the servers went down for FFXIV for the v2.0 update, I thought I'd try a new MMO-- in particular one that has no monthly fee. It is kind of silly, but I am trying to buy a house and what I hear from what I hear from many people, lenders look at your bank statements with a microscope and if there are monthly charges they deem 'frivolous' , then it is a red flag that you are possibly a risk because you 'waste' money. Anyway, enough of that diatribe....

So I thought I'd try Guild Wars 2 and bought a copy. Seems cool. I've only played maybe 1.5 - 2 hours and my account was suspended. No reason given and it has been 7 days with no response. Barely know what I am doing in the game and am level 2. Needless to say, I am pretty mad and I am trying to get the company to refund my money. In the interim, I thought I'd try Lord of the Rings Online. Only been playing a few hours, but got to say I like what I see.

However, one aspect I like about the Final Fantasy MMO's is the ability to change jobs--especially the ability to change where you stand in FFXIV. I just seems to add more depth to the game and is more fun. You come to understand every job and can change to suit the situation without having to login to another character which saves time; avoiding inventory, monetary, and character issues.

So after my long winded post, what other MMORPG's allow you to change jobs? Preferably free-to-play ones.




  • joonkp1976joonkp1976 seoulPosts: 93Member
    There...  'IS' a game althought it will probably 'NOT' satisfy your graphically pleased-self.  It is called 'Eden Eternal' and it is super defomed(big head and small body) cartoony game.  Hmmm...  Give it a shot I guess until Guild Wars 2 account is un-suspended or Final Fantasy XIV comes back...  Cheers~!
  • QuizzicalQuizzical Posts: 17,347Member Epic

    Uncharted Waters Online is free to play with an item mall, and lets you change your profession often.  There is a fee (in in-game money, not real money) to switch that depends on the job you're switching to, ranging from nominal for some jobs to very expensive for others.  But the class system there isn't really analogous to what you'd think of from most MMORPG, partially because virtually nothing else in the game is analogous to most other MMORPGs, either.

  • ishraqiyun77ishraqiyun77 SF, CAPosts: 6Member

    Thanks for the suggestions; I will check them out!

    Still nothing on GW2. Not receiving a response as to why my account was suspended; sure as heck not buying another copy of them game if this is the way they treat customers.



  • miguksarammiguksaram Fort Meade, MDPosts: 827Member Uncommon

    Have you considered checking out GW1 and it's Xpacs?  Might be something to look into if you never tried them.

  • ishraqiyun77ishraqiyun77 SF, CAPosts: 6Member

    I am actually going to try out GW1 now do to your suggestion. Although I am bit turned off by the 'one main class, and a secondary class' thing, but I guess I just don't understand it at this point. I just like the concept of--as in FFXI and FFXIV--play and level any class you want, and being able to swap to it, equip your gear, change macro set, and that is presently your main. Warrior to White Mage if you want.

    Anyway, one last bump to see if there are any others out there, then I am letting the thread die..

    Looked into the two other suggested ones, but my reaction I guess was about as they were suspecting, I think.



  • miguksarammiguksaram Fort Meade, MDPosts: 827Member Uncommon

    If you haven't already checked this site out I suggest you give it a look before you pull the trigger on GW1.  Even though I personally found it to a rewarding game you shouldn't just take my word for it.  Check out the link and see if the class system is  to your liking.  Given that the main profession determines appearance and is the only way to gain access to a classes primary attritube combined with the amount of skills in GW1 it's pretty hard to imagine an altoholic not loving this game. (the direct link to the class system I spoke about)

  • ErgoProxyDecayErgoProxyDecay a City, CAPosts: 1,435Member Uncommon

    If you come from the FF mmo family..... all recent mmos probably will be a let down. XI was epic. I gre up with XI, and nothing came close to being as good as it was. Even thru all the grinding people say there is and how hard and long it takes to form a party to do anything, It was the most memorable and community bonding game ever. And yeah the class changing style in FF was great. I really hate, AND i mean HATE making 5-10alts to play and do technically the same thing, aka personal stories etc.   I like to just make 1 toon, and build my epic story around him/her and not spread my life across the many alts. XIV didnt excite me after launch, though I was very prelaunch. Hopefully FFXIV:ARR will be as good as I hope it will be. Or my faith in the mmo world probably will just die. And I will forever abandon the genre....

    "Basking in your hatred... Feels quiet nice." - Raven
  • ishraqiyun77ishraqiyun77 SF, CAPosts: 6Member

    Long time since I last posted on this topic, but I wanted to revisit it. My free period for FFXIV:ARR ran out and I just can’t bring myself to pay a monthly subscription to continue playing. Was playing AION up until a few months ago because I have been too busy to play, but might have some free time coming up. AION is pretty good, but the lack of an ability to change jobs sucks. The idea of leveling another job and having to do the same crap over again, just kills me. So…

    Any new MMO’s come out, or are coming out, that are free-to-play (F2P) since I last asked the question: any MMORPG’s out there besides FFXI and FFXIV that allow the player to change jobs without leveling another character?

  • KorikabuKorikabu NicePosts: 4Member

    You could try The Secret World, you can make your own build with active / passive skills that you unlock. You can save templates and switch between them, so you can have one for healing, one for tanking, etc.

    It is buy2play, you only have to buy the client and there is no mandatory subscription.

  • FusionFusion VaasaPosts: 1,383Member Uncommon
    Cant you buy gametime cards for FFXIV for your gaming needs? Atleast they sell those here. - now totally F2P no cash-shops or micro transactions at all.
  • ishraqiyun77ishraqiyun77 SF, CAPosts: 6Member
    Originally posted by Fusion
    Cant you buy gametime cards for FFXIV for your gaming needs? Atleast they sell those here.

    Isn't that the same thing as paying a nearly monthly fee to play a game? Instead of giving SE your payment information directly, you are buying a prepaid card with hours on it.

    I'll give The Secret World a try. I don't mind paying for the game itself--it's the monthly fee I am tired of paying for.

  • TheocritusTheocritus Gary, INPosts: 5,002Member Rare
    It always cracks me up here that when people recommend games you have to pay for them...i'm so glad I tried The Secret World in beta and didn't pay a dime for it......Its a game you will either really love or really hate.
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