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Mortal Online going Free to Play

DarthMooskaDarthMooska Gallipolis, OHPosts: 146Member Uncommon

Just saw this on my Facebook feed:


It is time for Mortal Online to open its gates for to players worldwide.


Our new subscription model is a perfect fit for Mortal Online. This means Mortal Online will be free to play forever, without sacrificing the quality of gameplay that makes Mortal Online great. New accounts will have access to the entire game. FTP accounts may upgrade to a Premium Account for a monthly fee and earn exclusive and powerful benefits!

Premium Account Benefits (monthly subscriptions):

Maximum 1100 skill points and the maximum for all skills is 100
Premium accounts may use thievery skills
Premium accounts may loot expensive objects
Premium accounts may trade expensive objects

Free to Play accounts will have a skill restriction of 60 (from a possible 100). Subscribing will unlock all the features of the Premium Account. Free to Play accounts will be able to experience all of the gameplay and features found in Mortal Online.

Accounts that switch from Premium account to Free to Play will have their character skills max potential locked at 60. Should Free to Play accounts re-activate a subscription, their skill cap will raise again to 100 and previously earned skill points restored.

Both Free to Play accounts and Premium accounts start Mortal Online with 1 character slot. Additional character slots may be purchased for a maximum of 4 slots. Current existing subscribers will grandfather in 3x character slots and will have the ability to purchase the 4th character slot. Grandfathered character slots will remain to the player, even if switching to the Free to Play model.

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