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One good Real Time PVP MMO (Post-Apo)

alepxalepx BerlinPosts: 4Member

Hey guys,

since i was playing mmorpg for a few years, i have never discovered any true and good prgrammed RT-PVP Games, except one.

And the most common problems of all upcoming mmorpgs is that there is ABSOLUTLY no players skill needed except for some individuell skilltree, moving as insane throught a group of 20 people, and what absoluty sucks is their Click and Point Skill PVP....Whats the adventure on that ? Ive played really  so less games that they can be counted on the fingers on the hand, which had a PVP System that most of depends on your resistens skill and most important on players skill - Real Time Based PVP MMOs.

F.e i will list a few:

Mortal Online (even this game is full of bugs and the devs have not mutch captial to raise their project and fix all the BS ingame, but still the win of one player depends so mutch an player ho he blocks, what side of block he uses, movement and right moment of attacking ( not pressing "TAB" and shit out all of your coolest buffs while the other round circles behind you"

Darkf Fall: Also has an similar system, which i like but never played mutch.

Nowadays Games either f2p with online shops like AoC what defintly ruined this game imo and many other ex-gamers.

But most of all what the Threads reason was, is to get people even try an f2p based on an individuell real time pvp that ive seen in not one game this years.

Its Neocron, an post apocalyptic RT mmo that gives you chances on building charakters like researchers (making plans of weapons,armors etc for constructors), constructor that are important as shit in this game, Attacking Monks who dealing lots of dmg, and of couse an support class called ingame PPU...except of this i mentioned there are server other classes that you can skill so individuell as ive seen on no other game, what makes every charakter not the same, even if you choose a same class..

You dont have any useless stuff like "skilltree" because its not an "clickclcikmoveclickmovelcick" pvp what has flooded the mmo marked. Most of all your skill is based on an good spread of your resistants, weapondmg skill, and movement speed, because on pvp youve got guns, using energie dmg, fire dmg, poisen as well as radioactive. and rule one is "watch your ass"

And sure, its not a world there you only fight for no reason. When your rank is high enough you can join clans and start doing fights for so called Outposts ( like little towns on an really big worldmap,diveded on a lot of sector which contains OPs and Dungeons with usefull stuff and hard mob). What clan wins, get access to an GR of this outpost and finally the whole sector (GR=travalstation there) and can close this up for another Faction (there exists facs like City Admin, Fallen Angels, Biotech (selling implants one of the pros of the game, youre charakter is based on what headcpus, heart implant, bone implant etc youre using)

You can push your skills by using drugs, the get more on attack strengt, speed etc. You even have an own appartment where you can individully buy and put stuff in there, like a terminal,cabinets etc.

This game is been unknown to many as Mortal online. And idk why.

The old devs not working anymore there and new team has recently established an new server, with an currently released patch that fixes some of the bug nature this game had. But still its one of the finest PVP games ever, and when you reach your disered rank and join a clan (or even not) you will have a good fight at all.


IDK why websites like this or any other mmo review sitets not mentionting some unknown games like this at all, its not shitty and i know a review will never get less then 60% but still, i cant find only stuff from 2007....


If you guys want to join, or at least give a try visit their site:

Its not kinda Face of Mankind, but somehow has any points that are same.

Players for sure will help new incomers if you ask questions...not like on some other games ive seen.


I assure people that like good PVP games will be fine with this when you got your need rank and an clan.

And most of all its f2p without shitty content and some desperate attempt to makle money with ingame shops lol.


Still, one of my favorites.


Excuse for an bad grammatic, but all gone fast and tbh iam not writting that mutch on englisch.

I just wanted to make you aware and advertise angame, that has chances get populer again...maybe its just for insiders and lovers of an apo-world (not this filthy Fallen Earth BS). Because as i see many became fans of such click&point *** and are honestly telling you need talent and skill....very less tbh of all of this.


Give it a try guys, no Trial, no big Client. Its all Free Content


  • Ex0dUs101Ex0dUs101 ManchesterPosts: 269Member Uncommon

    I honestly had no idea they were even working on this again, and I visit MMORPG and several other sites daily.

    Thank you for the heads up!

  • alepxalepx BerlinPosts: 4Member

    They have got an new dev team, and i believe many changes comes soon. Even an new server between Mars and Terra(Flame) started. Titan (EU) populution is currently 20-30%...but currently is an period phase thorugh the patch so no wonder if you only see 7%....check the current update news. Drones bugs etc were fixed(exploit bug), melee is finally usefull at all and some other gameplay changes like there is no duping anymore like on terra there everything became useless.

    i dont think its the end, its just a new beginning for NC....the problem is there is no advertising on this Game. So everyone that came back was either playing NC before, or brought friends with em.

    Hope some of you will give a is a very good site to get informations on how to start etc.

    join guys, you wont regret that.

  • Jazzka25Jazzka25 poriPosts: 7Member

    If this is true what you wrote above... i owe you big time.

    I used to play this years back ... so downloading it now and checking out how things are today :)

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