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What non-MMO Are You Playing Right Now?



  • WellzyCWellzyC Stillwater, MNPosts: 588Member Uncommon

    Skyrim and black ops 2.


    man lots of skyrim answers. That has to be the greatest RPG since (dare i say) FF7

    The way mmo's were: Community, Exploration, Character Development, Conquest.

    The way mmo's are now : Cut-Scenes,Cut-Scenes, solo Questing, Cut-Scenes...

  • wordizwordiz Eugene, ORPosts: 464Member

    Skyrim here as well. ^ Agreed. I still can't get over how good it is. Few games have had such a sense of immersion to me, maybe San Andreas and RDR (Rockstar FTW) can compair, but that's about it.

    Also have been playing Far Cry 3. Pretty cool so far. I plan on trying out the new Hitman game soon.

    I also did go back and install NWN 2 to play the last expansion that I never got around to, but haven't put much time into it yet.

    Wishing I could get a key for Path of Exile, Age of Wushu and Otherland.

  • TealaTeala SomewherePosts: 7,569Member Uncommon
    Still playing Skyrim like crazy.   Also playing Mount and Blade Warband single player off and on.   I'd really like to see Bethesda release a co-op version of Skyrim.    I'd never look at another MMO ever again.

  • gordiflugordiflu BarcelonaPosts: 757Member Uncommon
    Originally posted by WellzyC
    Skyrim and black ops 2.   man lots of skyrim answers. That has to be the greatest RPG since (dare i say) FF7

    I dare to say many will remember Skyrim as one of the games of the decade, and it's still only 2012.

  • Chivalry Medieval Warfare!

    Its like Skyrim and team fortress 2 combined, with a touch of call of duty thrown in maybe..

    omg so fun

  • RagnorMalakRagnorMalak HeerenveenPosts: 115Member Uncommon
    Dishonored and I also have Borderlands 2 lying around and Farcry 3 is also on its way to my mailbox. Also, I like to play a little bit of Civ 5 now and then. And dropping in and out of GW2.

  • TyrantasTyrantas KaunasPosts: 369Member Uncommon

    Starcraft 2.


    It's funny because that game has what many mmo gamers keeps asking for. Great community, skill based pvp, no monthly fees. 

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