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[Column] DayZ: The DayZ Standalone



  • BeackerBeacker Newbury, MAPosts: 440Member Uncommon
    When is the standalone coming out? It was "suppose" to drop at the end of this year and that def isn't happening..
  • hawkidokihawkidoki LyonPosts: 2Member
    Originally posted by Fusion
    it will STILL be using the "same" engine as arma2/3 and a modified chernarus map (which is made by bohemia).. i just can't "suck it" as "standalone" If bethesda modified morrowind with space ships, lasers and some graphics upgrades and put it forsale as "standalone" would you accept that?

    That's why Rocket delayed the official release. Because he first wanted to port the game as a simple "mod standalone", but in december 2012 he decided (he and his team) to completely re-work the engine to make it feel more like a real "MMO".

    Arma 2 engine wasn't built for this purpose, at all. It's a sandbox & military simulation! Dean accepted a huge amount of work by doing this, and i'm glad he did!

    He you want to see diferences between the original mod and the standalone, here are bunch of gameplay videos : You can see it has nothing to do with the mod (the inventory system is really awesome!)

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