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this game was fun the first day, that's it



  • tank017tank017 Glendale, CAPosts: 2,192Member

    I dunno,this is the first MMO in years that I can play longer than 2 hours..


    good thing for the game,cant say that much for me.

  • ltankltank Fort Myers, FLPosts: 292Member Uncommon
    Originally posted by Redemp
     My two complaints at this point are base design, everything winds up in a bottleneck at some point. We screamed about it during beta but apparently there just wasn't enough time to correct the issue. Now I'm happily sitting in the top 50 leaderboard because I sit in these bottlenecks with a max and an engineer on my bum. 100+ Kills an hour ... easiest experience.   And Liberators ..... holy eff why did SoE buff them to the point of being Godlike? I run with five buddies, four have anti air rockets and I as a Burster Max can't take a Lib down before it gets out of range. It's absurd and these Libs aren't even the upgraded beasts yet.  

    Some people may have complained about bottleneck while others like me complained about wide open undefendable bases. I'm happy things are the way they are. In a future where there is only war, what sort of idiot makes a base that anyone can waltz into from multiple angles?


    On topic, the game is a lot of fun. To the people who don't like it or make shallow arguments about this particular FPS having no point when none of them do; your tears are delicious.

  • ShakyMoShakyMo BradfordPosts: 7,207Member Common
    Play a medic and cert up the rez grenades

    Or play an engineer and work on certs for the land and air transports.

    There are roles in this game within a guild or even casual group for people that arent that good at twitch skills.
  • fadisfadis funkg, GAPosts: 469Member

    I think the problem with AIRCRAFT is this:


    Anti-air is AWFUL at generating XP.  People tend to do what generates the most XP.

  • AeliousAelious OregonPosts: 3,384Member Uncommon
    Sorry you didn't like PS2 OP. I rather enjoy it as someone who doesn't typically play FPS games. I like the crazy controlled chaos of the battles and also how you ate random dropped into the field of battle. I don't usually join groups nor am I in a squad. I find a place to be useful though and for me that's half the fun.

    Regarding the model. They could have just gone sub only. I'm glad they didn't though and I'm sure many others are. I play free ATM and maintain a .449 K/D ratio and I suck at FPS games lol. Once EQN comes out I'll be getting a Station Pass because of PS2 and my play time should be better. Pay or not I think PS2 is really fun.
  • TweFojuTweFoju Saitama & Jakarta ( current )Posts: 1,090Member Uncommon
    Originally posted by ShakyMo
    Play a medic and cert up the rez grenades

    Or play an engineer and work on certs for the land and air transports.

    There are roles in this game within a guild or even casual group for people that arent that good at twitch skills.

    yeah you're right, i started switching to Medic and Engineer last night, although i still suck at killing people, at least im useful to my faction, oh well, at least i gain more xp then i was when i was using infantry

    also maybe for the fact that i havent join any outfit yet, because i know this game works better when you have an outfit and works more in a group than me in my usual running alone inside a base and usually get shot from 3 or 4 directions from an organized outfit

    nevetheless, i still had so much fun in this game regardless of my death to kill ratio XD

    even doing an assist kill for me is enough to keep my fun

    So What Now?

  • ukdopeukukdopeuk scunthorpePosts: 22Member

    AA is a joke !

    1st night i enjoyed playing for about 3 hours and the battlefield was 70% inf/tank with a very light air battle happening above. 

    tonight looked similar to lastnight ,one massive tank convey v massive air.

    they could do with slightly adjusting timers on the flying fortress's and tanks etc.

    fun game but not fun if everywhere you go half a dozen flying fortress are just pounding away and obliterateing everything.


  • Bakkoda24Bakkoda24 Albany, NYPosts: 257Member Uncommon

    I play NC on Waterson and it goes back and forth. If i'm not running with my outfit or a relatively large platoon with mics and such, I just follow the zerg and rack up XP as infiltrator.

    It is frustrating how certain classes gain certs a lot faster than others (Combat Medic & Engineer) but it does make it a challenge.

    I'm enjoying it but for how long? I can't say.

    One thing that severely limits my interest is the amazing lack of weapon choice over all the classes. It's rather embarrassing.

  • TeknoBugTeknoBug Vancouver, BCPosts: 2,154Member Uncommon

    Even though I like the engineer class, medic is a beast of a class- assault rifle that gets you kill at all ranges and a tool to keep friendlies alive and rezzed, you can't really lose. The T1 Cycler for TR and the H-V45 for VS are pretty sweet guns.


  • SalengerSalenger Pottageville, ONPosts: 546Member Uncommon
    I had high hopes for PS2, and i guess it is what i expected..but unfortunately just not fun for me.

    But if i rolled around in PS2 with a gaming clan i imagine that is when it is the most fun, but to jump on with a friend or solo its just a waste of time as the game is clan heavy and it doesnt take long to find a large number of them camping one spot.

    I prefer BF3 still.
  • WarinQuinnWarinQuinn Washington, DCPosts: 7Member
    This game was fun in beta. Now it's 10x grindy and all lag
  • tank017tank017 Glendale, CAPosts: 2,192Member
    Originally posted by WarinQuinn
    This game was fun in beta. Now it's 10x grindy and all lag

    Never had lag once since launch


    the grind is easily hidden by the pure fun factor.

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