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Ex top tier mmo healer seeking tight knit adult guild

elevenocloakelevenocloak Buena Park, CAPosts: 3Member

Hey guys and gals! First off thank you for taking the time to read this thread.


What I'm looking for: I'm seeking a LS that values each one of their members. I'm not particularly a fan of guilds with a high amount of members so I'm looking for something around 30 or less (depending on the raid size restrictions in ARR). I'm kind of over the "hardcore" aspect of things, but I don't want to just "dilly dally" around and never see progression. Basically, a group of skilled friends who enjoy the company of one another while experiencing content, is the ideal group I seek. When it comes down to it, I put in 110% literally, and I expect the same out of the guild. I'm sick of playing with certain members who just don't adapt to certain encounters and in other words, they basically keep running into the same wall all day long without any thought of changing their spec or rotation. Pretty much have some game sense.


Please be active 9PM PST - whenever. Please know what you and your guild (LS) is doing. Have some professionalism. I don't want to join a guild and find out a week later that the GM is gone and the guild disbands the next day. Voice communication is a must! Age restrictions would be great too.


About me: I am 25 years old. I have been playing MMO's ever since the launch of SWG Pre CU. I've played at the top tier levels as a healer/tank within a hardcore type of atmosphere for a few years as well. I am a perfectionist, which has it's ups and downs. I live in the PST timezone yadda yadda. I also have 0 tolerance for drama, epeen strokers and the like. What else do I put...I'm Korean and I enjoy steak? I'm not here to waste your time and I expect my time not be wasted either. 


Please send me a private message on this website if you wish to speak further.


  • Cod_EyeCod_Eye jarrowPosts: 1,016Member Uncommon
    you might be better off waiting until ARR releases, there is a few months yet before this game is released. I'm actually confused though, you want a hardcore LS but you have had enough of hardcore gaming.
  • elevenocloakelevenocloak Buena Park, CAPosts: 3Member

    I guess casual hardcore if that makes any sense? I'm just not really into the elitist way of being a jerk to players. I do however like certain things that a hardcore guild provides. I'm looking for that perfect middle ground.


    I just want certain aspects of a hardcore guild to be there, but without the gkicking for idiotic reasons, elitist mindset of "I'm better than everyone so they have to bow down to me", stuff like that. I don't mind new players having to learn mechanics, infact I love teaching those things, I just can't stand it when they neglect change which in turn causes problems. For example, when you need someone to use a specific ability or spec on that one particular boss, and yet they say "nah, I'm fine. I think I'll play how I want." And that alone pretty much stops progression all together. I guess "open-minded" team oriented players who appreciate constructive criticism is the group. Schedule/activity wise I am hoping for a more casual/medium style that way it doesn't neccesarily become a second job to play the game.


    You're probably right about waiting for the release, but I guess this is just my hope to find that one guild out there I suppose.

  • Snowdon_CloudripperSnowdon_Cloudripper Chickasha, OKPosts: 584Member Common

    I ran Ghosts of Vana'diel LS in FFXIV Saronia server then quit July 2011 i was a dark elf named Dark Reign and ran a EG/Social on FFXI called Knights of Diabolos on Diabolos server and was a hume named Darkreign . But I'm remaking a free company (new LS system) called Absolute Retribution . (website will become more polished and finished 1 week before game launch) How I always ran my LS was everyone who helps everyone gets helped in return. you no help you no get stuff. Based off needs not wants. Events are done as a whole group  . If someone can not attend the event a make up date will be set if fail to make the make up date then your SoL until we comeback to it or find extra time if you are on and dont attend the event or are on a different FC ( LS) you will get no help and will get booted from FC ( LS) . weekly meetings with open debate and dialog , voting for the next weeks goals . the ls or now free company helps all its members (who are active and who help and attend events) , crafters craft for the FC at no charge but up to player to gather the items. Zero tolerance for anyone who has a entitled mentally and no hitting on the female players on our voice servers. If you have player issues with members do not drag it in the main chat or on the open Mic. do so in PMs. removing players from FC will be done like a court room player will be judged by there peers and will have to defend there actions. The FC leader (me) and a pannel of 4 other members ( officers ) will pass judgment FAIR judgment one of 4 things will happen . One found no wrong doing , Two a Warning for offence or actions , Three 2 week Ban from FC , Website and Voice chat . Four total Ban of player frpm FC , Website , Voice server . After a 3 month Ban you can reapply to Website and FC where it will come to a total vote within the FC as a whole.

    I am shooting for ONLY 30 Players for starters in FC ( 3 parties of 8 alliance is 24 + 6 fill ins ) Each 3 party leaders will be from one of the 3 cities the following people will fill in first based on starting city to fill up the spots 6 players from anywhere. The idea with this is everyone can do there main quests with eachother and become experts in there areas ( zones ) And then when it comes to it people can sub in to do other city quests with the help from people from other cities. Then main quests with each other ( non starting city quests ) All this is up in the air still.

    Typically how i did things was like this Monday , Wendsay , Friday Were all FC ( LS ) EXP Party from 6pm ~11pm CDT Tuesday and Thursday were Free Days FC (LS) members can do what they want , Craft , EXP , Questing

    Saturday Afternoon ~ Event end is Event Day.  Sunday Afternoon to 11PM CDT is Makeup Day. If no Make up Can plan Extra events . Again Events can be anything EXP Parties , Questing Parties , Crafting Parties , Gathering parties , Leve Parties , EG/HNM/ Parties , Or just stright Farming Parties ( How this works is everyone picks 2 items they need example fire crystals , copper ore. All members go out for one hour and farm these items for members . Helps with crafters or if you need fast cash)


  Guild Website and Recruitment link

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