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Marvel Heroes: Closed Beta Key Giveaway #2



  • sylum69sylum69 toronto, ONMember Posts: 100 Uncommon

    Luke Cage!!! Luke Cage has become my favourite over the past few years. Personally I think he's one of the more underrated characters in Marvel and would like to see a little more love given to him. Plus it takes guts to wear a mustard yellow shirt.



  • UnfathomableUnfathomable Houston, TXMember Posts: 19 Uncommon
    Emma Frost, her character and storylines have always appealed to me.
  • SilacoidSilacoid Chicago, ILMember Posts: 237 Uncommon
    I plan on playing Captain 'Murica!  He is pretty much the same as Captain America, but he goes home and cracks open a nice fresh Budweiser after a long day of crime fighting.  He often yells 'Murica!
  • WrapzWrapz SwindonMember Posts: 2
    It's gotta be Howard the Duck the Master of Quack-Fu! That way I can be all "waaagh! eat webbed foot ya hairless apes."
  • MrMiahMrMiah Salt Lake City, UTMember Posts: 1
    I'm looking forward to play as Rocket Raccoon! Why? Really, who doesn't like the idea of a smart mouthed Raccoon with a lot of giant guns? The Marvel cosmic stuff from a couple of years ago are some of my favorite stories. And with the Guardians of the Galaxy movie coming out it makes me excited that more people with be exposed to some awesome characters they wouldn't otherwise be exposed to! 
  • BenbradaBenbrada Plainfield, ILMember Posts: 446 Uncommon
    Still want to play Gambit because "it's in da cards chere!"
  • tatsu10tatsu10 gdanskMember Posts: 4 Common
    I am a fan of Gambit style and kinetic abillity^^
  • wirelesspciwirelesspci phx, AZMember Posts: 4
    Hulk because SMASH!
  • Swagneto54Swagneto54 VANCOUVER, BCMember Posts: 2
    Im looking forward to playing Nova "The Human Rocket"! why? Because he is one of my favorite superheroes recently making appearances from Umvc3 and since the annihilation of the NOVA corps. hes been running solo ever since, which suits my solo gameplay style.
  • rojahrojah newport news, VAMember Posts: 1 Uncommon
    I want to play Thor, I can pretend he is  the OP Rune King version :)
  • ZaqirZaqir Montreal, QCMember Posts: 51 Uncommon

    Colossus. He isnt your typical strong guy as he has some comlexity to him but he is also a bad ass character that throws wolverine at people as a weapon. Who else has that as a super power?


  • VorthanionVorthanion Laguna Vista, TXMember Posts: 2,446 Uncommon
    Storm, because wielding the powers of Nature is near and dear to my heart.

  • FrodoFraginsFrodoFragins Manchester, NHMember Posts: 3,471 Uncommon

    Don't consider me for the beta key!  I'm happy with D3 for now and can wait.


    I'd choose Black Panther or the Hulk as they were my favorites as a kid.  Although it really depends on what their skills are like.  I'll probably try them all when the game goes live.

  • DeathTrippDeathTripp Orlando, FLMember Posts: 263 Uncommon

    Superman!! Oh... wait... okay... Batman!! wait... DARNIT


    I would probably choose Captain America... but since that's already been picked.


    Howard the Duck. He smokes cigars ya' know!!

    Real as Reality Television!!!

  • atuerstaratuerstar melbourneMember Posts: 234



    Surely this requires no explanation.

  • mistersalty1mistersalty1 South Windsor, CTMember Posts: 26
    Thing because its clobberin time!!
  • siul06siul06 Riverside, CAMember Posts: 2
    I would choose Deadpool, beacuse he likes CHIMICHANGAS!!!
  • lnfidelitylnfidelity Newport News, VAMember Posts: 3
    Black Bolt.  Very few heroes have to hold back their powers just because they know how potent it is.  ...Just a whisper is all it takes for Blackagar Boltagon.
  • OmaliOmali MMO Business Correspondent Orchard Park, NYMember Posts: 1,170 Uncommon
    Deadpool, because he is a mixture of melee and ranged.

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  • wesjrwesjr Gilbert, AZMember Posts: 408 Uncommon



  • RuskenRusken La Place, LAMember Posts: 4
    I want to play as storm; I can feel the elements raging... out of control.
  • Macius34Macius34 FalkirkMember Posts: 4

    For me it has to be spider-Man...

    Spider-Man is a great superhero not only because of his powers, but because he is a great character. His witty banter and snappy comebacks always make his battles with the baddies so much fun to read. His unwavering bad luck adds a touch of drama and sympathy for the character. His deep sense of responsibility brought on by tragedy often brings more conflict into his life than any super villain.


    Now help me out guys....give me that beta key or i'll web the MMORPG office...



  • AvarixAvarix Chicago, ILMember Posts: 490 Uncommon
    Daredevil because I can do it better than Ben Affleck.
  • desperado7desperado7 Nový BorMember Posts: 9
    Squirrel love to play her for her cuteness and agility...people are used to underestimate such heroes and thats gonna be their huge mistake :)
  • PyukPyuk Eugene, ORMember Posts: 707 Uncommon
    Hulk! 'Cause Hulk SMASH!

    I make spreadsheets at work - I don't want to make them for the games I play.

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