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Leveling character as free-to-play



  • DeeweDeewe Long Beach, CAPosts: 1,967Member Uncommon
    Originally posted by Sevenstar61
    Originally posted by vayman
    I was disappointed in the trooper story. It started out well enough, but quickly lost its way and ultimately led to an anti-climax, in my opinion.

    The best story is IA hands down... following by Sith Warrior in my opinion. IA story is getting better and better and have some twists that just stun you. I leveled LS operative, and going to start  level Ds sniper in few weeks. DS trooper is fun though.


    Wish the Sith Warrior story was more compelling and closer to being a you know... Vader as in episodes IV-VI.

    You feel nothing special about being a sith warrior, even the ending isn't that well made.

  • TheLizardbonesTheLizardbones Arkham, VAPosts: 10,910Member Common

    Leveling doesn't very different to me. I wasn't big on group content to begin with and had skipped a lot of it. The only thing that's a big difference is the space missions. Those were fun, quick and were a good source of XP. Missing those is a bummer.

    I can not remember winning or losing a single debate on the internet.

  • birdycephonbirdycephon Salt Lake City, UTPosts: 1,314Member
    I subbed, and I keep outleveling all the content. So, if you f2p, it should be just the right pace.
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