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I am thinking of starting aion online, but...

RainyNightRainyNight ImaginaryWildsPosts: 1Member

Hello all.. what you guys think of Aion online now, after it got F2P? I mean, I have heard it is not too much pay to win, but I am thinking of other issues at this moment, is the game dying, is there crapload of bots that ruin economy, or other issues... is the end game pvp total mess? Could someone playing it atm tell the problems of the game atm, and in near future? Answers much appreciated...

P.S. And lets keep this thread SIVIL, no flame war TY.


  • painhelmetpainhelmet Des Moines, IAPosts: 9Member

    From what Ive seen Aion is the most non restrictive F2P MMO out there.  From what I could tell last month the game is definitely not dying by any means, though I'm not playing atm, but that's due to time constraints in real life.  It's a good fun themepark.  It's had years to stew and include mounds of content.  Best part is it's free, so you should at least try it if you're even somewhat interested. 

  • dleveldlevel AthensPosts: 88Member Uncommon
    Cheating was and always be Aion's worst problem
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