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Recommendations for a bored, long time MMO player

exdayvanexdayvan strat city, CTPosts: 5Member
Just got a new pc, looking for a good mmorpg to play. I enjoyed maplestory but they screwed that up, I tried elsword but that dungeon crawler type of game is sooo grindy to me. I like the graphics for EVE online but people say the economy is unfriendly in a way. WoW looks good (since its so popular) but i feel like i cant even get into it because i never played until now. I never get to do boss monsters so a game with bosses/raids would be a plus. Thanks in advance for any help!


  • DerebusDerebus Rio de JaneiroPosts: 54Member
    Don't go by what other people say. Try out eve, see if you like it, it has a thing that attracts some people and doesnt attract others, you'll have to decide by yourself. My real bottom of the line recomendation is: Dont play any mmorpg's right now. None is worth my time (personal opinion) or other peoples time.

    Future: WoD, SWTOR, Arche Age, Tera (maybe), GW2.
    Present: None.
    Past: Eve, RIFT, UO, bunch of F2P crap.

  • furidiamfuridiam lincoln, ILPosts: 137Member Uncommon


  • WhiteLanternWhiteLantern Nevada, MOPosts: 2,712Member Uncommon

    So many choices, where to begin?

    You could play WoW and be fine even having never played it before.

    Rift is a bit more modern version of the WoW formula.....with rifts.......

    Guild Wars 2 is the next evolution OMGWTFAWESOMESAUCE!!!1!! MMO. Entry barrier isn't bad, so it's worth checking out.

    The Old republic just went F2P so it's at least worthy of a test drive.

    DCUO is good fun, especially if you're a Detective Comics fan.

    Tera supposedly has some cool combat to go along with the basic themepark formula.

    Atlantica online if you like strategy-style (ogre battle, FFT, ect).

    Planetside 2 jsut dropped if you don't have an aversion to FPS type gameplay.


    I could probably go on, but there are others who will fill in the gaps.



    And welcome to the community. Don't show fear.


    I want a mmorpg where people have gone through misery, have gone through school stuff and actually have had sex even. -sagil

  • OnomasOnomas USAPosts: 1,130Member Uncommon

    Few good games coming up, but months to years away. Try something other than a mmo ;)

    Shooter, strat game, etc...



    Total war series

    Civ 1-5



    But if you need a mmo for now try:

    rift - one of the better themeparks in my opinion


    age of conan

    everquest 2


    planetside 2

    lineage 2

    guildwars 1


    Its so hard to find "that" perfect mmo these days.

  • L0C0ManL0C0Man Puerto OrdazPosts: 1,065Member Uncommon

    Disclaimer, I haven't played WoW since mid WotLK expansion (2 expansions ago), so take with a grain of salt. I'd say if you want to try WoW, I don't think it would be a bad idea to do it. An expansion was released short time ago, so that means there will still be people around leveling their pandas, plus they recently added a new cross-server system to keep lower level areas populated, plus barrier of entry is low, the battle chest can be bought for $20 and basically has everything you'd need up to level 80 (read somewhere that it can be found for as low as $5, but don't remember where) and includes 1 month of game time.

    There's also GW2, nice and fun game (IMHO), still nicely populated, and a very good way to get into MMOs. Plus, barrier of entry is low, you have the box price and no subs.

    I'd also recommend The Secret World, mainly for the dungeons. At least last time I played (couple months ago) it was still easy to get groups for dungeons, and the first one can be entered quite early in the game, and while they're short, the boss fights are some of the best in current MMOs, IMHO.

    Rift a very good WoW clone with it's own personality. It's a very fun and very good game, but be aware that, just like almost any MMO that has been out for a while, it's top heavy so it can be lonely until you reach level cap.

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