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WWII Online is it worth another look?



  • david06david06 Chantilly, VAPosts: 183Member
    Originally posted by depot12
    They had 18 people on the other night fot TZ3.  18.  That was counted on both sides.


    What's really unfortunate is that years ago there was a determined effort by the developers to stop all action in TZ3. Me and several other players said "don't do this, it's going to decrease the population in TZ3 and make it even harder to recruit more players". Seriously TZ3 axis side at that time had some great leaders, it was a tight-knit group and other players were actively switching to play in our zone because the community and teamwork was much better even if the battles were smaller.


    Without giving out hard numbers DOC said that the change to 1 AO minimum, etc. increased population by 40% in that time zone. If you called bullshit your post was deleted or you were banned.


    It's a standard practice to cry bias, but honestly CRS seems to have based most of their decisions on the concerns of a few allied squads that play during US prime-time(although you can't really call it "prime" any more). The axis crew in TZ3 was "breaking the game" according to them and they hit the forums, threatened to unsub,etc. Nevermind that a persistent, 24/7 server is one the main selling points of the game...


    I still hope the game can recover but it's probably going to take selling the IP along with new management.


    EDIT: This below is a good example of why time zone 3 is dead, and probably won't be coming back. Other players are simply the greater priority, and they don't like people in other time zones recapturing the towns they captured.


  • merc88merc88 Djbouti, ALPosts: 10Member
    The fat lady had finished her song.
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