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Man I miss this game

DJkarlkaniDJkarlkani Henderson, NVPosts: 27Member Uncommon
I was talking to a co-worker about the old UO and I really feel cheated that MMO's have changed so much. Someone who still plays is UO worth going back too. I am kind of old now (30), I am looking just to chill and waste some time, not sure if it will be worth it?

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  • RoleroRolero CadizPosts: 25Member Uncommon

    back to siege perilous. 

    siege perilous is like a classic official server



  • greg4096greg4096 Toronto, ONPosts: 8Member

    I resubbed for one day a couple of months ago out of nostalgia.

    But since I deleted my original characters the thought of endless hours to get back up was depressing.

    Not to mention the 2d classic look just cant compete with games of today.


  • Arkangel32Arkangel32 marysville, WAPosts: 68Member

    I re-subbed for 2 months a few months ago.  The game is still amazing however, they never improved the clunky movement, and its just so old. 

    Some day they will make a new UO, one can only hope.



  • grimgryphongrimgryphon Pacific Northwest, WAPosts: 682Member Common

    I go back and play once in a great while, but each time I'm reminded of what a total life-sucking chore the gameplay is. I just don't have time for that anymore.

    Maybe when I retire I'll pick it up again. It will probably still be running. image

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