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[General Article] PlanetSide 2: Review in Progress - Part 1



  • sgtalonsgtalon Lenox, MIPosts: 129Member Uncommon

    Aviggin, get in a good squad that is working together. I was on for a long time last night and next thing i knew it was 3am!!!  


    Finding an outfit or squad that can not only give you some help but do something productive is the key.


  • plescureplescure leicesterPosts: 391Member Uncommon

    bloody loving this game. the scale of the battles is immense. even with so much going on im getting no lag. and no sleep!


    curse my weak body

    If someone is talking in general chat in a language you dont understand, chances are they're not talking to you. So chill out and stop bitching about it!

  • CaldrinCaldrin CwmbranPosts: 4,505Member Uncommon

    Had another awesome game last night :) went as NC this time around so starting from scratch on another server. Will ahve 3 characters in the end one of each faction :)

    Anyway I have had no performance issues at all, from waht I have read on the forums some people with ATI cards have had issues.


    Hopefully ATI will bring out better drivers soon enough..

  • emotaemota PLYMOUTHPosts: 410Member Uncommon
    PERFORMANCE EUROPE servers are not managing the load, unplayable. This is a FP Shooter after all. Warping teleporting flying vehicles stutter flickering. It's very poor peak time.
  • sp1cexsp1cex Plovdiv, PDPosts: 27Member Uncommon
    This game just ...stinks . not to mention who is behind it ...
  • xenoracexenorace Tampa, FLPosts: 205Member Uncommon

    I am having a blast with this. There is a slight learning curve, but once you figure out the objective and figure out a role best for you, then the game is just good fun.

    My biggest gripe is the chat system. It's confusing with everything going on around you. There is no faction or area chat that I can see. Most just /yell everything. The squad chat is hard to access quickly during fighting unless you are on that tab. This kind of turns the game into a zerg mentality instead of using strategy (follow the horde and pew pew pew).

    Over all worth a download and maybe a few $ spent in the cashshop if you have it to spend.

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  • ScotScot UKPosts: 6,332Member Rare

    What do people want? Shooting tin cans on a range as the first thing they do? If there was a real penalty for dying I could understand players concerns but there is not. I have not played the game, I never play betas. I say that with conviction as there never are any sort of penalties these days. Fast learning curves should not be an issue.

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  • umcorianumcorian Boston, MAPosts: 519Member Uncommon
    Originally posted by Hodo
    The massive confusion of the initial drop and first fight is the best part.   That best replicates what war is and I loved it.    It was one of few times in a game, let alone a MMO that I felt a "rush" from the first second of the game.     I understand for some people this is to much, but that is the difference between a soldier and a civilian.   Soldiers thrive on that, civilians dont.   Not knocking civilians, as I am one myself now thanks to injuries from my time in the service, but not everyone is cut out to fight.   And that is what sums up PS2, not everyone is cut out to play this game.


    First, I tend to find most people who volunteer they served on the Internet, unsolicited, are trolls who aren't even out of high school yet and shame the true men and women who do serve in this country with their lives. It's kinda like the guy who claims he was in Vietnam who brags how many kills he got... almost everyone knows the guy who actually did get those kills ain't bragging about it. 


    That aside,  I'm cut out for Modern Warfare 3 and Team Fortress 2, but when it comes to this game, I'm sorry, but when the introduction is a canned "pump up speech" followed by instant deployment into some desert, only to be headshot 3 seconds later, respawned into an area you don't know, only to get spawn-camped by a legion outside your red bubble... I'll happily say this game isn't for me. 


    What a crappy new player experience. 



  • ganbeeganbee manassas, VAPosts: 233Member
    Originally posted by BillMurphy
    We've been playing SOE's free-to-play MMOFPS, PlanetSide 2, and today we're kicking off our review-in-progress series with a focus on character creation and first impressions. If you aren’t overwhelmed with the experience and manage to get a hang for what’s going on, the beauty of the game shines through particularly well. At least so far, SOE has succeeded where the original PlanetSide fell short: PlanetSide 2 is first and foremost a solid shooter.

    Read more of Michael Bitton's PlanetSide 2: Review in Progress #1 – Character Creation & First Steps.



  • raapnaapraapnaap LeidenPosts: 414Member Uncommon

    I didn't play the beta or PS1. Jumped in since it was 'F2P' with, according to some people, a decent item shop model (nothing is pay2win, and the sub just gives you more exp and priority acces to the servers).


    Playing on an EU server (Miller, TR side), I've had no issues with server latency. Infact, with 300 man battles with vehicles and everything, the game runs extremely smooth both on client and server side. There is the rare moments where a single player will be spotted warping briefly while the rest of the game works fine, but I can count those moments on one hand.


    Given the fact hit detection has a lot of factors like in a regular FPS, I'm really suprised the engine and netcode handle it so well, compared to other people saying it's horrible, while I seem to experience the opposite.


    Content-wise, there is a lot of room to improve. But the PS2 development team has one critical advantage: There is no PvE audience to feed with content patches, so they can get to work on the good stuff. Something that is killing GW2's WvW for example.


    If they keep updating the game, and keep the itemshop as balanced as it is right now (I'm actually impressed with their item shop/sub model, even though I'm a classic "F2P" hater). I hope they don't add nasty things post-launch, like most "F2P" games get after their launch.

  • NoyjitatNoyjitat Huntington, WVPosts: 39Member
    The original game even with its flaws is way ahead of this game. Ps2 emulates other shooters too much and has lost all that made planetside unique from the other shooters. All it has now is the massive battles.

    If the original planetside never happened this would be the better game. Oh sure its going to attract people that never played planetside 1 but once the new shiny feeling to the game ends and ps1 goes free to play, I bet most of the former ps1 players leave this game and either go back to planetside 1 or whatever game they were playing before this mess. This game clearly wasn't designed for ps1 fans, it was designed for fan boys and new customers.


  • EnerzealEnerzeal WarringtonPosts: 326Member

    Confession time: I played it for about 40 minutes in beta, thought the guns were like toys, and I was lost in a mess of bodies. Did not enjoy it at all, was heavily against playing it.

    Fast forward to yesterday, saw it on steam and thought, what the hell lets download it, it's free after all. So I grabbed it, jumped in and died half a hundred times and said again, screw this free to play pay to win garbage, stupid guns do no damage!

    Well for some reason I jumped in a third time due to boredom... and I killed someone, and another someone, and slowly I started to get the hang of it, slowly I began to learn the game some, learn the map, learn the planes, the guns, checked out the certs options. Slowly but surely I started coming round to the game. When I decided I liked it was when I was in a Lightening tank, advancing with about 10 or so infantry on a position, my tank was great shielding and I took point and kept them behind me, put fire on a doorway, killing several and giving my guys the chance to push up and start making a difference.

    Jumped in again after that for an hour and did a solid 22 kills 10 deaths. Took a look see at the costs of guns and saw 500 station credits roughly being the average, the first sniper I noted I can get for 100, which I am halfway towards in terms of points. Which seems to be a massive upgrade.

    I get the feeling that as I improve, this game will only get better - alls I can say is give it a try - I am in europe and finding the servers stable, the graphics plenty good enough, and the hit deteciton great - I see this easily being my go to game for quite some time.


  • XasapisXasapis VolosPosts: 5,512Member Uncommon
    Originally posted by gwei1984
    May i kindly ask, why MMORPG (sic!) does reviews on shooters, which are not even near any roleplaying game?

    Well, it's more of an mmo-something than Diablo III or other similar games were.


    Originally posted by vieplis666
    Gameplay sux, hardto see any anemy closer then far away dots,you always shot from someone far far away,character movement and targeting is super bad :/ ,queue to enter game aprox is 30 mins ,very bad explained difference between factions, engineer class is useles for gun fights, i think its boring to play this class to repair forever, turret skill sux badly, useless character, bugs , crashes,disconnects every play, anyyway most unplayable thiing is fights,you shooting far away dots you even dont know ur weapin reach these dots, very stupid game, reminds me some very badl;y ported console game, soe sux again with his neverending craps!

    Weapons have recoil and the bullets spead, depending on guns and factions. Also different weapons have different effective ranges, where beyond that there is drop both in power and in accuracy. This is not the typical CoD where there is virtually no weapon kick, you need to learn to handle the weapon you're using. They haven't gone overboard like true military sims, but it's not point and click as the popular FPS out there.

    Also regarding the console port bit, there is no console version to begin with.


    @ salenger

    True, friendly fire is an issue, but it's to be expected with both inexperienced people and confusion. It's really easy to enter somebody's firing LOS when trying to find the perfect shooting angle yourself. Also visibility inside vehicles is not that great, so assume at all times that they can't see you and you'll have less roadkill accidents.



    You're right, although I'm not sure how they would have done a tutorial that would involve anything but NPCs, the real enemy players wouldn't obviously wait for you to learn to handle your gun.

    The first orbital drop is usually a free death. It's semi random, in the notion that you're thrown in the area of the target, but not necessarily where your allies are. You do have a minimal control of the drop pod, so if you see the white arrows of your allies in the minimap, push towards that direction, just not on top of them

    The closest respawn is usually a Sunderer vehicle. These mobile respawn points are deployed by players. Thing is, the driver could have risked a too close to the enemy deployment to cut down the travelling time, so you get hit from the opposition. And obviously the enemy is actively hunting your sunderers so as to cut the line of reinforcements.



    You're right about the chat system. I guess SOE thought that implemented a full voice system for squad (group), outfit (guild) and area would be enough. Typing is definitely a major pain compared to other mmorpgs. It does cut down on both the typical F2P and FPS nonsense, so that's a semi relief.

    /yell or /y is heard by both you and the enemy. Surprisingly enough it's hardly ever used and when it does it rarely involves insults.

    Officers (squad leader modules) have their own channel to coordinate, although I have no idea about its effectiveness.



    It's a double edged sword. They could have spawned you back in the main base of the continent, but then you'd need to know about deployment, which would put you into the orbital pod anyway.

    The above video should be helpful



    True, the first thing you need to get used to is that you'll die, a lot. It's something that can't be helped at imes, whether it's an enemy aerial bombardment on your location, a stray cannon shell, enemy platoons spray firing at the general direction of your location or your own faction members throwing a grenade in the middle of their own teammates. Not to mention getting roadkilled ... a lot hehe


    Btw, if anyone in EU wants directions or just to chat, I'm on Miller server, Vanu faction. Just a heads up though, Miller is very popular so expect queues in primetime, at least as regular members.

  • GhavriggGhavrigg Halifax, NSPosts: 1,156Member Uncommon
    I played this game for a few hours... and, well, back to Call of Duty. This game looks very nice, but I just can't get into it.
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