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Nice to see interest in Mortal starting to pick up



  • GenadiGenadi BrisbanePosts: 110Member Uncommon
    Originally posted by Slapshot1188
    First:  HAPPY THANKSGIVING TO ALL!!!   Second: As I stated above, the quarterly report has been released today and yes of course it once again proves that Thea the official SV representative and the other folks continue to mislead regarding game population.    The report clearly says that: Subscriptions DECREASED again... They lost money AGAIN... (About $300,000 in the first 9 month) They no longer can estimate if/when they will break even... They have a "strained liquidity" (ie.. no more money) Looking for additional sources of revenue (ie donations) Will try once again to list on Steam..   This is similar to all the other times people came here and tried to say population was booming, or increasing or things are better than ever.  The actual financials come out and prove them wrong.   Anyhow.. here is the link to the announcement:


    Thanks for posting this.

  • ToferioToferio RandomPosts: 1,411Member Uncommon
    ..and Theia is gone again. Just popped in same day they announced donations and have not logged in since then. That alone says enough about his agenda if anyone still had doubts :)
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