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4yr old crappy laptop, Need my fix......

Plus_OnePlus_One Statesboro, GAPosts: 47Member


I'm currently stuck on my wifes 4yr old pos laptop.  

I'm unemployed and broke.

I need a game to play, something f2p that can run on it.

Nothing I plan to get deeply into but something to pass the time and keep me from going batshit crazy in this currently pathetic stage of my life.

Any suggestions?


  • QuizzicalQuizzical Posts: 17,357Member Epic
    What hardware do you have?  Some four year old laptops are a lot more capable than others.
  • Plus_OnePlus_One Statesboro, GAPosts: 47Member
    This is going to sound like a stupid question to many here, but how exactly to I look at my specs?  Where on my computer do I look, Windows 7.
  • squalleonahasqualleonaha miss, ONPosts: 211Member

    4 years old and can run windows 7. it's pretty mid-range laptop lol, nothing compare to my old pentium 4 with 3g ram.

    to check specs go:

    click START => right mouse click on the COMPUTER and chose PROPERTIES. => apanel will pop up with infor about your laptop like core I3, rams.....


    for games, your laptop can probly able to run all the old windows XP game to some recent: starcraft, warcraft,diablo 2, hitman, tomb raider, bio shock. left 4 dead, counter strike......

    . a laptop life time is around 6 years and desktop is 10 years for me. ^_^

  • Plus_OnePlus_One Statesboro, GAPosts: 47Member

    Pentium Dual Core 2gig

    2 gig ram

    32 bit os

    Video I'm guessing is integrated

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