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Closed Beta Key Thread



  • eskelaeskela SzczecinPosts: 39Member

    I would like to receive beta key too, thanks in advance.

    (btw, I really hope that game itself has this wuxia mood, I'm soo in love with 'Crouching tiger, hidden dragon' type of movies)

  • nhnghianhnghia AucklandPosts: 1Member
    If someone still have a beta key, I would like to have it. Thank in advance!
  • basanthbasanth palakkadPosts: 3Member

    If anyone has a spare key

     pls send me

  • GeekyGeeky Huntington, INPosts: 245Member Uncommon
    I would like one please.  Thank you.
  • VictorRedVictorRed Monroe, NCPosts: 26Member

    I could also use a beta key if anyone could send one


  • ejendalsejendals EnonkoskiPosts: 33Member
    If I could get a key, I would be very pleased
  • TheAsianVillainTheAsianVillain Portland, AKPosts: 69Member Uncommon
    I'd appreciate a welcoming Beta Key through messaging (guaranteed). The keys disappear so fast when posted publicly. :'C
  • xion111xion111 lake forest, CAPosts: 3Member

    I have a secret to tell you!!!!!








    I NEED A KEY! :p

  • SisterSpiteSisterSpite Posts: 30Member Uncommon
    So I shared my Age of Wulin key here, will anyone share his/her Age of Wushu key with me? :)

  • desperado7desperado7 Nový BorPosts: 9Member
    need 2 beta keys...will send you few dollars as a gift for your kindness so it wont be against any rules ;) pm me or add me on skype honzik7377
  • slurpee222slurpee222 Calgary, ABPosts: 21Member Uncommon
    looking for a closed beta key if anyone wants to be generous :)
  • bitza99bitza99 galatiPosts: 3Member Uncommon
    I need one beta key to if someone is kind to giveaway.
  • elockeelocke Manassas, VAPosts: 4,305Member Uncommon
    I would love one if any are available.  Been dying to get into this game for a long while now.
  • AvanahAvanah Posts: 1,230Member Uncommon
    I would appreciate a spare key please. If they are out, thanks anyway. :)

    "My Fantasy is having two men at once...

    One Cooking and One Cleaning!"

    "A good man can make you feel sexy,

    strong and able to take on the whole world...

    oh sorry...that's does that..."

  • lorddragon33lorddragon33 phoenix, AZPosts: 10Member
    if you have an extra beta key can i have it, i would like to try the game out.

  • basanthbasanth palakkadPosts: 3Member

     love a kay if anyone can spare one pls send me

  • FastTxFastTx PTBO, ONPosts: 756Member Uncommon
    Can someone be kind enough to send me a key? It would be greatly appreciated! I played L2 for most of my MMO life and this looks like the next big FFA MMORPG. Thanks in advance! :)
  • warskullwarskull watfordPosts: 19Member

    would love a key!

    always loved the kung fu styled action mmorpgs, especially a Pvp centric one!





  • HahhnsHahhns deltona, FLPosts: 210Member
    would like a key also, if you can pm it to me via here would be great
  • AzhurelAzhurel Haverhill, MAPosts: 5Member Uncommon






  • care000care000 ljubljanaPosts: 19Member

    Bacause im a good guy. Grab while its hot, and have fun :)







  • kayne92kayne92 ParisPosts: 3Member
    Hi, can i have an activation code plz,  in pm or mail  ... thx a lot :)
  • care000care000 ljubljanaPosts: 19Member
    This keys are cd keys and also activation codes. Same thing essentially
  • HahhnsHahhns deltona, FLPosts: 210Member

    all those keys used up :(


    i guess asking for a key to be pmed to me was a bad idea lol

  • mysticher00mysticher00 istanbulPosts: 3Member
    Please Beta key age of wushu please.... 1 piece ?'m wait
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