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LF a low-spec MMORPG

Michael87CNMichael87CN Altamonte Springs, FLPosts: 4Member

Games I've played and enjoyed/subscribed to for years:

EverQuest 1

Phantasy Star Online (Dreamcast version)

Final Fantasy XI

World of Warcraft

Non-MMO games styles I enjoy:

RPG, Sandbox, Action(FPS, single player only), Strategy (Starcraft/Command and Conquer)

Some examples of games I still play to this day:

Diablo 2, Torchlight 2, Minecraft, KotoR1&2, Fallout1/2/3, Morrowind & Oblivion (cant run Skyrim :(), System Shock 2, X-com UFO Defense & Terror from the Deep, Terraria

I'm getting a bit tired of these and looking for a new game (to me) that requires similar System Requirements. To give you an idea of what I'm using to play:

Windows 7 Home edition 64-bit

AMD V140 Processor 2.30 GHz (single core)


AMD M880G with ATI Mobility Radeon HD 4250 (its an onboard chip, not a real video card)

I don't mind turning settings to the bare minimum to play, and a frame rate of at least 15 is fine for me.

Games I've tried and didn't stick with:

LotR Online

Eve Online

City of Heroes/Villains

Age of Empires online

Runes of Magic





and some others I can't recall at the moment.

Please help me find a new game that my computer can run, thank you!



  • MMObroMMObro Oviedo, FLPosts: 90Member Uncommon
    back to wow it seems
  • Michael87CNMichael87CN Altamonte Springs, FLPosts: 4Member
    Ignore this post.
  • muffins89muffins89 Yakima, WAPosts: 1,585Member Uncommon
    Rift.  will rin on low spec.  and has a free trial,  so you dont have to commit right away.
  • KenFisherKenFisher Northwest, INPosts: 5,035Member Uncommon

    High production value, medium requirements, LOTRO comes to mind.  AOC on lower settings should do pretty well also.  It runs fair on my laptop which is much lower spec'd than your machine.  The only issue is slow zone load times, but I think that's mostly the slow HD in the laptop.

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  • Michael87CNMichael87CN Altamonte Springs, FLPosts: 4Member
    Sorry, I forgot to include that my system has a single core processor. Rift asked for a dual core at minimum, and LotR is one of the MMOs i've tried, ive added it to the list as well.
  • sertioussertious Brunswick, MEPosts: 29Member

    Not entirely sure if it'll run on your machine.  But have you tried Aion yet?  It's by NCSoft and it's f2p.  My laptop isn't the greatest around but on low settings I run 30-40fps in the outside world however in one of the main cities i'll drop as low as 16-17 (But used to that from vanilla'ish era of WoW when Stormwind/Orgrimmar used to bog down any system).

    Pretty good game imo so far.  My highest character is 17 and just ran my first instance(it was a solo instance but still fun), has player housing, crafting, pvp, pve.  Give it a try or check the site out: 


    And if you want a general idea on games and if they'll run on your system will give like I said a general idea.  Some games it's told me will run and don't run too well.  But gives you an idea anyhow. 


  • atticon40atticon40 San Diego, CAPosts: 33Member

    You could always check out this list i'm doing on Free MMORPG Games.


  • Skooma2Skooma2 Glenview, ILPosts: 693Member Uncommon
    Based upon your stated specs, especially your limited RAM/Graphics assets,  I would recommend GW 1.  I understand that there are a sizable amount of people still playing, buy I'll leave the research to you.

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  • apocolusterapocoluster newport news, VAPosts: 1,326Member Uncommon
    HKO  >^.^<

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