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Realistic Design Style

WovenSandboxWovenSandbox Arcata, CAMember Posts: 5
What if there was an mmorpg where if an arrow is flying at someone's head, they either dodge it, deflect it, or it impales their head and they die? I'm so sick of my games doing this background math that decides how much damage everything is while I'm sitting there staring at repetitive animations... I want an mmorpg where you can kill someone just by stabbing them once in the heart. I want to be in pvp, see an enemy, put an arrow in his neck, and watch him die (unless his character has high strength or willpower or whatever, in which case he keeps fighting even though he can't breathe and there's blood gushing out his mouth). And beyond that, I don't want to be 'awarded' skills every time i 'gain a level'. What does any of that mean to me? Nothing. I want my experience to feel more real than that; it makes me feel like a hamster being fed by a slowly dripping bottle.


  • anemoanemo Member Posts: 1,025 Uncommon

    For this we have FPSers.  

    In MMOs players expect to have more time "at stake" than where you'd expect somewhere else.  For even a two man team you're going to have around 10-30 mins for the part to get together(1 total man hour right there).   From there so players get enough feedback to make this gettin together "worth the time" they're going to expect an hour or two of entertainment(up to 4 total man hours there).   This means a bininary win/lose system doesn't really work.

    Essentially to get what you want you're going to need something that is MMO-something else, and very very something else at that.   Further I don't really see a binary system like that working and keeping MMOers, or something that is like an MMO that would keep non-MMOers.   But could be completely wrong.


    There are games similar to this though.   In tera if you make a bad misstep you're going to end up stun locked till you're dead in PvPer, or be near dead in PvE.   In mabinogi if you're fighting dungeons "at the intended design level" of your character you're going to die possibly on your first mistake and very very easily on your third mistake.

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