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What did you eat for lunch to...

RasereiRaserei webster, MAMember Posts: 1,023 Uncommon

prepare for Planetside 2?


I had fresh spinach, carrots, and tomato mixed together with a pomegranite dressing. 


And some homemade kibbe with hummus!


About to make some starbucks coffee!


  • thetimesthetimes Roseville, MIMember Posts: 49
    Honey  Ginsing lemonade and Newports.
  • ignore_meignore_me Apple Valley, CAMember Posts: 1,987
    Cappuccino, 2 biscotti. I just woke up.  

    Survivor of the great MMORPG Famine of 2011

  • Pale_FirePale_Fire San Antonio, TXMember Posts: 360 Uncommon
    You freakin' kidding me?  What happend to Captain Crunch or 2 day old cold pizza?  What's wrong with people these days?
  • Billr00Billr00 Ashland, KYMember Posts: 126 Uncommon
    Nothing .. food is a crutch!
  • TallynTallyn EarthMember Posts: 216 Uncommon

    Uppers. Lots and lots and lots of uppers so I never have to stop to eat or sleep!

    Ohh, I wish. =P

    Just coffee, eggs, bacon, and a piece of toast so far. I did however stock up on ramen noodles just in case I couldn't be bothered to stop and cook something substantial.

  • psiicatpsiicat St Petersburg, FLMember Posts: 29
    lol a big gulp mountain dew, 2 5-hour energies, and 4 slim jims I got left over from halo 4
  • TallynTallyn EarthMember Posts: 216 Uncommon

    Originally posted by psiicat
    and 4 slim jims I got left over from halo 4

    Hahaha, nice.

  • BeanpuieBeanpuie Norfolk, VAMember Posts: 812 Uncommon

    Steak Stromboli 


  • tank017tank017 Glendale, CAMember Posts: 2,192
    Beef Wellington and a peach martini
  • ElsaboltsElsabolts Anderson, InMember Posts: 2,774 Uncommon

    Beans and Beer, smells like heaven in here as i type.

    " Hoo Ya "


    " Life Liberty and the Pursuit of Those Who  Would Threaten It "
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