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ANet has no respect for its supporters



  • JudgeUKJudgeUK Posts: 1,207Member Uncommon
    Originally posted by grindwars2
    This post is about this If you don't know what's going on, don't bother posting, go check the posts in the game's forums while they are still there (moderation eventually waters them down or supresses the ones targetted at them, or qotes to their manifesto or any pre-release material).   They used us to herald the game and build the hype, the LIED about the game features,  now they finally managed to screw us they won't even call anymore lol. Go ahead guys, have a laugh and say you told us so.   They sold us a game that was opposite to this garbage. They totally 180 on their manifesto and suckered everyone who pre-purchased and supported them from the beginning. This is more than marketing, this is false advertisement. If any collective legal action is possible, i'm in.       Follow the link and have a laugh at us pre-purchasers. Many of you told us so. "At the core of Guild Wars 2 is this simple concept. Respect for the player's intelligence, respect for the player's time, respect for the player's investment, and respect, even reverence, for the genre." Another link for your amusement: "Respect the player We respect you—as a player, as a human being. This game we’re making may end up competing with your real life. It might fight for your free time alongside your friends, your family, your work, and whatever else you might be doing. Because of that, we want to give you a meaningful experience, not one that is a vapid waste of your time. Whatever your reasons for spending time in Tyria, we don’t want to waste it by doing stuff that isn’t fun. Purpose: To keep us honest"  

    Respect for your intelligence: They tell you ascended is there to "fill the 'gap' between exotics and legendary". Uhuh, right, all the sudden there's a gap to be filled, folks! Then you get a response that doesn't say anything.  Don't you find the double talk disrespectful?

    Respect for your time: You follow the game for years, keep reading all that awesome "no grind" "is it fun?" "game we'd like to play" talk. It launches, it's great, you invest *600+ hours* into it thinking you'll be playing an awesome game for years and BAM they bail on the game's core 'design philosophies'.

    Respect for the player investment: Fully supportive players who have pre-purchased it thinking it would be what they said it was going to be *can't get a refund* now they have decided to change the game.

    For sheer aimless ranting this must score pretty highly. To extend the post to several paragraphs whilst still managing to avoid any degree of topic has got to be respected.

    Also scores well on the Angst meter, as I nearly felt almost genuine sympathy for whatever the subject is.

    Suggestion to obviously fraught poster - log off from the game for a while mate and take a break, it's obviously not doing you any good.

  • StoneRosesStoneRoses Seattle, WAPosts: 1,304Member Uncommon
    It's the end of the world as he knows it!


  • TwoThreeFourTwoThreeFour SwedenPosts: 2,155Member Uncommon
    Originally posted by The_Korrigan
    Oh yes, they have absolutely no respect. Two months after release, already two FREE content additions in what is a B2P game. Absolutely no respect. Everyone should just cancel their subscriptions.

    Well said.

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