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Closed Beta Key Thread



  • dinamo2020dinamo2020 BucharestPosts: 2Member
    i pm;ed you hope they are not gone^^
  • Harlock999Harlock999 Warwick, NYPosts: 2Member
    Hi, been waiting for this game, if anyone has a spare, please post.  Thanks!
  • DerivativeDerivative Johnstown, PAPosts: 85Member Uncommon

    Interested in a key, would like to try out the combat as that is the only thing that has me concerned from videos.

    If its decent, i have no issue getting the elite edition and putting another 5 keys up for community grabs.

    Thanks in advance.

  • NorpanNorpan BorasPosts: 319Member
    Still looking for a key. Pretty please, with sugar on top. Spare me a key...
  • ShogunmistrzShogunmistrz ZabrzePosts: 1Member


    If somebody has a key to AOW I ask for send me him (private message) :D

  • winghaven1winghaven1 HafnarfjörðurPosts: 418Member Rare



    Glad to have recieved your attention, lady or gentleman.


    Okay, LOOK.. I'll just cut to the chase. I really, really, really wish to play this amazing game known as 'Age of Wushu'. Hmm? Ok, I've been following this game for quite the while now. This new MMORPG sounds like it's going to be SOOOO much fun! I mean come on! You're basically fighting anything and everyone, and jobs, something about jail (Won't go there, hopefully) There's tons of fun! Sadly, or well.. Terribly I haven't got the chance to test it! I don't know why. The gods have forsaken me!

    Can you give me that opportunity?





    My life hangs in the balance.

  • dani02dani02 las vegas, NVPosts: 3Member
    still looking for a key, i really want to play this game been waiting for a long time,, please and thank
  • Bakkoda24Bakkoda24 Albany, NYPosts: 257Member Uncommon

    Anyone that is interested in trying to get a key please see this topic for a chance to receive a beta key. SnailGames is trying to get as many people in to the beta as they want, so chances are you will receive a key.

    If you don't get a key for this testing period, there is another one on December 5th.

  • CasaFrankyCasaFranky MünchenPosts: 544Member Uncommon

    Hi Folks.
    Looking for a key.
    PM me please.

  • DerivativeDerivative Johnstown, PAPosts: 85Member Uncommon

    I'm not a fan of putting my email address on an open forum, thats why these boards have a private message feature.


    Still awaiting a key if anyone has an extra one.


    Thanks in advance.

  • KojintoKojinto Midland, MIPosts: 1Member

    I'm also going to ask a kind soul for a beta key, however, I will differentiate myself from everyone else by providing a picture of thanks to said key giver using MS paint.  


    Aside from that I've been anxiously awaiting testing this game for a couple of years now since it was first announced overseas.  If I am lucky enough to recieve a key from one of you, I'll make sure to go balls to the wall in my "thank you" picture.

    "With My Sword!!"

  • tranvientranvien gialai, FLPosts: 1Member

    hi all !

    Im looking for a key . Can you help me have a key to enter the game AOW.


  • d.turtled.turtle haiphongPosts: 2Member

    Anyone have an extra beta key?

    Pls send me 1 beta key. Just 1, i need it.

    Thank so much.

  • timvsturtletimvsturtle Houston, TXPosts: 1Member
    I'm not good much in english but like true fans of AoW i am would really like to try the game and feel what it's like? If im lucky enough to recieve any key from someone my heart would feel really warm. Pls message me or email me:
  • dcheroclixdcheroclix allegan, MIPosts: 1Member
    I am looking for a beta key, i would like to try this game out before i pay anything for it so if u still have a key just PM it to me thanks in advance.
  • brim94brim94 lancaster, CAPosts: 1Member

    if any1 has a extra key pls msg me.


  • Bloodlust221Bloodlust221 Posts: 119Member Uncommon
    i would like a key aswell if anyone has one
  • BellaHBellaH TwinklevillePosts: 268Member Uncommon

    I would really love to check this game out.. If anyone could spare a key, thanks!

  • Medicated03Medicated03 port macquariePosts: 40Member Uncommon
    also looking for a key :D
  • AliGeniusAliGenius Toronto, ONPosts: 32Member Uncommon

    A key would kick ass.





  • lietjelietje delftPosts: 2Member

    if any one still has a spare key i would love one!!


    thanks in advance

  • WankyudoWankyudo Jersey City, NJPosts: 153Member Uncommon

    I still have three keys left.  People that PM me though, please make it more then just one sentence "I can haz key."  If anything, send me a pm with your favorite kung fu star.


    Edit: Keys are gone, no more keys.

  • bunlybunly Phnom penhPosts: 3Member
    Will u give me beta key plz?
  • bunlybunly Phnom penhPosts: 3Member
    Will u give me a beta key plz ?
  • chuoivang105chuoivang105 HCMPosts: 2Member

    @ ?

    inbox me or mess

    thanks :)

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