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[General Article] Pirate 101: Review in Progress - Part 3

SBFordSBFord Associate Editor - News ManagerThe CitadelPosts: 23,006MMORPG.COM Staff Epic

In our final Pirate101 Review in Progress, we take a look at some of the "little things" that often are overlooked in larger reviews. Next week will see our official review launch but, in the meantime, check out this installment and leave us your thoughts in the comments.

Pets are also a useful and fun thing in Pirate101. I have a ‘Skarakeet’ that often joins me in battle and pecks the enemy on the head with a high chance of being given a second attack chance. It’s awesome! Believe it or not, the little bugger does a decent amount of damage and is able to dodge a lot of attacks, making him a durable pet and companion! The only thing I can’t do is control which target he attacks. He’s independent that way.

Read more of Suzie Ford's Pirate101: Review in Progress - Part 3.



  • RocknissRockniss Youngstown, OHPosts: 1,034Member
    So far I don't think I have enjoyed the use of the color brown more than I have in Pirates. The amazing shades and happiness they have been able to bring to the color brown is unparalleled!!!
  • Arkangel32Arkangel32 marysville, WAPosts: 69Member Uncommon

    Good Article: Couple notes which need to be included:

    Questing: Side quests are meant to be fun and well.. side quests for small yet still meaningful rewards FOR EXAMPLE: I completed a side quest and received a new companion whilst my friend who did the same quest (different class) did not get a companion for that side quest.  I find that very motivational to complete side quests… don’t you?

    Main Story quests are worth tons more XP and that is how you progress and level more quickly.  Side quests tend to be below 100 xp I noticed.  Main story line quests are more like 1000 or 2000 xp.  They usually include a dungeon or boss fight which is truly fun!

    Crown Shop Advantage: 

    There is only an advantage if you give a crap about the cash shop.  In Pirate101, they give you the ability to purchase items which are not available for your class, for example, if you’re a swashbuckler, you get specific companions compared to other classes, in the cash shop you can purchase other classes companions to be your own if you really care!  Yes there are other items that you can buy to make you super Pirate but, in the end, if buying your way through the progress of the game is your fun then enjoy!  I do not use the cash shop, I enjoy feeling like I earn the pet I found, or the companions I receive, or the items I loot etc.

    Not at all.  Lets just say, the industry says F2P however, it SHOULD be F2T, free to Try.  You can get up to level 8 or 9 regarding the content of the game then you cannot go anywhere.

    Get used to it everyone, this is where the industry has gone.

    The themes and styles in the game are amazing, the designers surely were creative and inspired.  Love the environments, colors and themes, just awesome!

    Voice Overs:
    Done very very well!




    Very friendly, always fun to play with others in this game.

    Later past level 20, all of your companions start to get all their new skills, and fights start to get CRAZY!  Every character is constantly performing special attacks, reaction shots, and many other abilities!  It gets really interesting!


    This looks like its meant for kids BUT it is not.  There is a lot more thinking involved and it is just TRULY a fun fun game!  It has its limitations however that still doesn’t hurt how enjoyable it is to just jump in and fight some strategic battles!


  • Arkangel32Arkangel32 marysville, WAPosts: 69Member Uncommon
    By the way, I would never have heard about this game unless I saw the first news of it on MMORPG 3 or so weeks ago.  Thanks!  My friend and I really enjoy this game!
  • TheocritusTheocritus Gary, INPosts: 5,009Member Rare
           I havent given this game a try because Wiz 101 left a pretty sour taste in my mouth....I just dont like hte way they handle f2p....When you start limiting access to areas to the point where your character cant do anything without subbing then the game is a fail.....If they chose that same route with Pirate 101 then I have no interest.
  • xpowderxxpowderx Radcliff, KYPosts: 2,063Member Uncommon

    The combat reminds me of Shining Force, Final fantasy tactics! The combat system REALLY REALLY Shines IMO! I love the battles now! Even more since the combat update!


    Also to note. Doing side quests are good! What looks like a waste of time in some cases has brought my companions up to nine! With no cash shop!! AWESOMENESS!

  • shantidevashantideva bongholmPosts: 186Member Uncommon
    This game is not F2p! Thanks alot KingsIsle/Mmorpg for falsely marketing this game as one, now i have a very sad 7-year old who can't play due to rent/bills taking priority in our household. Take one hit for free but the next one will cost ya, only aimed at children..very underhanded KingsIsle.

    "Train by day, Joe Rogan podcast by night, all day!"

  • xpowderxxpowderx Radcliff, KYPosts: 2,063Member Uncommon
    Originally posted by shantideva
    This game is not F2p! Thanks alot KingsIsle/Mmorpg for falsely marketing this game as one, now i have a very sad 7-year old who can't play due to rent/bills taking priority in our household. Take one hit for free but the next one will cost ya, only aimed at children..very underhanded KingsIsle.

    Sounds more like a personal issue than a Kings Isle issue. Also, I guess you did not read the review as the reviewer made it quite clear this is not a f2p title. Besides the first world is free to play. A 7 year old would have plenty to do just in the first world alone. My inuitive thought though is it is not just for your 7 year old. You will get no sympathy from me. As my grandchildren play. As 7 dollars a month is well worth the fun they have playing this game. Also, everyone has bills. but Pirate101 is very generously priced for a mmo!

  • blainkato99blainkato99 San Antonio, TXPosts: 2Member Uncommon
    This game provides alot of fun for 10 bucks period.  I beat it in two weeks and didn't need any cash shop items to do it. The voice overs were great and the world of cool ranch provided so many laughs.  If you got 10 bucks sitting around and want a fun ride for two weeks then you can't go wrong with this game.  The leveling is at a snails pace for the first 30 lvls but after that you and your chars become so much stronger with the upgrades that you can cruise to end game easily.  So don't get frustrated with the slow leveling at the start.
  • kalrhaelkalrhael Boston, MAPosts: 87Member

    I played pirates101 with a friend for about a week, it's a good game to play when there's nothing much else, but the gameplay is VERY time consuming. It's the ultimate reason why I didn't continue playing past a week, the character battles take AWHILE. You will be sitting there, watching the character skill animations, and the movement animations throughout the duration of the battle which makes them take forever.

    Kingsisle have made a good game I just wish they they modernized it abit more and made it faster, as it right now you can do alot more done in other free mmo's with 30 minuts of your time than in pirates101.   

  • InterestingInteresting Porto AlegrePosts: 943Member Uncommon

    I tested this game.

    I dont like the linearity of quests and character progression.

    I liked the way everyone can enter in combat every turn and I liked the minigames (but you can only play 10 times per day for rewards).

  • sumdumguy1sumdumguy1 A galaxy far far awayPosts: 1,063Member Uncommon
    Its a surprisngly fun game and if you do all the quests, you can have fun for awhile.  The writing in this game, while sappy sometimes, is for the most part clever.  Many references to history and sci fi shows and movies.  While its not a f2p, they go give you a good chance to experience the game and see if you like it.  its worth a look imo so you can decide for yourself.
  • Destroyer1001Destroyer1001 pheonix, AZPosts: 1Member
    This game is awsome. It's pretty good except its not totally free.
  • AnimeSVTAnimeSVT Ankeny, IAPosts: 2Member
    It is F2P like Wizard101 is for the ENTIRE FIRST area.  Then it is pay 2 play. (Crowns or membership)  Did you think they would just GIVE away the game like a welfare program to unemployment losers.
  • AnimeSVTAnimeSVT Ankeny, IAPosts: 2Member
    That is the whole point of the game.  Leveling your people through time, effort and quests.  If it took but a minute to finish then it is a lame game made for ignorant people!
  • MargulisMargulis Glendale, AZPosts: 1,614Member Common

    Game is fun at first and becomes boring quickly as all there really is to do in the game is quest endlessly since none of the extra features of Wizard 101 made it into the game like pet management, gardening, crafting, etc.  Yes most mmo's launch with not as many features as they end up with but this is a really barren game feature wise, more than most any I've played at launch.

    Also, the cash shop really leaves a bad taste in your mouth when all the companions you unlock throughout the course of the game are only obtainable via cash shop purchases, plus the best ships, armor, weapons, pets, etc etc etc are all cash shop purchase only.  that wouldn't be so bad since a lot of games do that, but since they charge you a subscription fee ON TOP of all that it's too much for me. 

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