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Beta key

renco444renco444 ZvolenPosts: 2Member
if anyone got a spare key, i would appreciate it PLS Onli one key PLS


  • helecrohelecro OsijekPosts: 3Member Uncommon
    Originally posted by renco444
    if anyone got a spare key, i would appreciate it PLS Onli one key PLS

    same here, if anyone has extra please email it at

  • lotapartylotaparty taxila canttPosts: 514Member
    need a beta key . email at :


  • AliGeniusAliGenius Toronto, ONPosts: 32Member Uncommon

    I would like a beta key.



  • DaftDaft placerville, CAPosts: 130Member Uncommon
    hook me up
  • tungtdttungtdt sydneyPosts: 1Member
    i want it so badly as well mail me please !!!
  • basquashbasquash MashhadPosts: 4Member Uncommon

    beta key

  • PantherninpoPantherninpo Berlin, MDPosts: 90Member Uncommon

    I would appreciate a beta key as well.  Thank you.



  • ender67ender67 FalticeniPosts: 17Member

    I need a beta key too. If anyone wants i can trade it for a DOTA 2 key.

    Thank You.

  • ClussCluss Novi SadPosts: 4Member
    I would appreciate a beta key
  • Cristina1Cristina1 xxxPosts: 372Member Uncommon
    nobody is going to be emailing you any keys....
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