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Massive loot increase and scaling in ALL areas



  • Redhawk2006Redhawk2006 Dallas, TXPosts: 105Member

    That's odd, because I have noticed the opposite: drops seem to be dminishing and I am not getting good loot. I got the same item 3 times for completing high level zones, but at least it was useful to my class.

    Dye drops have definitely been nerfed to the ground. I finished Mount Maelstrom, Frostgorge and enough WvW to get me from 59 to 80 and then finished Straights of Devastation. In all this i got a grand total of 6 dyes, all crap.

  • muffins89muffins89 Yakima, WAPosts: 1,585Member Uncommon
    Originally posted by KhinRunite
    Originally posted by DavisFlight
    Originally posted by umie214
    We shouldn't have to thats the point

    Then the game shouldn't claim to be an RPG. 


    As it is, there's literally nothing to make two elementalists different from one another.

    UO doesn't have levels. I take it you think it shouldn't also be caled an RPG?

    2 Elementalists can differ by skillset, weapons of choice, and traits. In short, build.

    Ele "A" can build himself to clone Ele "B", but in practice, they're better off diversified for better group synergy.

    the RP stand for role-play.  different weapons,  traits,  and build have nothing to do with it.  when im playing my mesmer i dont feel like a mesmer.  i feel like the purple guy.  the classes arent defined enough. 

  • VirgoThreeVirgoThree Tarzana, CAPosts: 1,197Member Uncommon
    Originally posted by cybertrucker
    As the title says last night patch went into play, and the amount of gear drops must have been tripled. Not only that but now the drops scale to your level. I got 2 yellow drops one level 38 and one level37 from outside trash mobs outside of AC entrance. Another thing I noted is that all the armor dros were light armor  which is what I use being an ele. Same was tru with weapon drops. I wasn't getting items that my class couldn't use.  Inside AC. Things seemed more random and normal loot. Which makes me wonder if they did something in reverse. I got better loot outside than inside.

    I had kind of the opposite while running AC (story mode at least) just the other night. All of the loot drops were heavy armor, or warrior weapons (was playing a warrior). What made it even more interesting was that majority of the weapon drops were all Axes. The reason why I say this is interesting is because my character was sporting dual axes, and I had two seperate bosses drop two blue axes.

    It could all be a coincidence but it seems like the weapon drops are being catered to what class and potential what spec you are? spec as in what you have equipped.

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