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Star Citizen crowdfunding tops 4.0 million dollar mark

MyopicMooseMyopicMoose Edmonton, ABMember Posts: 14
Over 2 days still left in the crowdfunding, and it's just topped 4.0 million dollars raised... twice the original "base" goal.  Whether you call it an mmo or not, there's no denying how strong the community support of this one is already. 


  • JakdstripperJakdstripper British Columbia, CanadaMember Posts: 2,181 Uncommon
    let me guess.....the next Start Citizen thread will read "Start CItizen really, REALLY, needs your help to reach 8 millions crowdfunding!".....
  • MyopicMooseMyopicMoose Edmonton, ABMember Posts: 14
    8 mill ! lol, yeah not holding my breath on that one... the goals they've laid out to unlock at 4.5 are cool enough though.  IMO, if they can do 4.5 before the end of funding, bonus for the players :)
  • CometerCometer LisbonMember Posts: 28 Uncommon

    They did a great job. Pretty much any information people asked they have given.

    And instead of going the easy way, they actualy took the time to show a ship in detail.But one of the things I loved was that they actually allowed us to choose the look of one of the ships.And it looks like they'll continue to ask the community this sorts of stuff.Chris and team are building the game they would like to do. But they're also giving us a lot of control on the game direction.

    A great crowdfunding project indeed.


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