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Greed Monger



  • MogusMogus Anderson, OHPosts: 169Member

    Interview #1 with Markee Dragon.
    Did you like Ultima Online? Then you'll LOVE Greed Monger!

  • Spider3Spider3 ZurichPosts: 33Member
    Great Interview Mogus! thanks for the link ;)
  • mgilbrtsnmgilbrtsn belleville, ILPosts: 2,839Member Rare
    I'm glad to see that I'm not the only one.  It could all go south, but at least there is a little ray of hope, and hopefully we few have made the likely hood that much more likely.  can you say likely twice in a sentence??  Not sure, but there it is.

    Concentrate on enjoying yourself, and not on why I shouldn't enjoy myself.

  • tom_goretom_gore TamperePosts: 1,995Member Uncommon
    Greed Monger is the only upcoming sandbox MMO that does not aim for the FFA full loot PvP crowd (only). My best times in UO were the days of Renaissance where our RP community could finally get rid of the griefers and play with those who shared similar interests and ideals. There was a lot of PvP to be had still, but it was balanced and consentual. Everyone had fun, most of the time at least.
  • FishmittsFishmitts doylestown, PAPosts: 227Member Common
    Originally posted by nariusseldon
    Originally posted by Spider3
    +1 for you Kalisti, you definitely have a good and open-minded point of view. nariusseldon, you are also right about this. But tell me, are you SURE there IS on the market what some players are looking for? I spent WEEKS to check the new mmorpg, to ask in forums, to play trials and free games hunting the feeling Ultima Onlien gave me. Well, i'm not the only one saying there is NO valid alternatives. Therefore I don't see any other valid option other than helping the people who are aiming to create what is missing on the market nowdays.

    If you want ultima online, you are of course out of luck. But the point is that there are many alternatives to current games.

    Day Z is a good example. It is even free. How about Darkfall? The point is that you should not limit your search to those games labelled as MMOs.

    Now if you claim that you did not find anything interest you .. that i won't disagree .. since everyone has different taste. But to say that all games are the same, and there are no alternatives .. is just not true. Note that new, indie efforts still may not be what you want.

    And even then, if i were you, i won't give a dime to kickstarter. MMO is not the only entertainment, isn't it? You can always find alternative entertainment if you cannot find MMOs that you like.

    Bad example, zero crafting and if you dont own Arma2 and operation arrowhead then you do pay. But I do agree with you in general. Make no mistake, this game is NOT free. We as players want to make an impact in the world we play in and to do that in this game, we need land. period. And that land costs money. As a clan admin I need to know more about this game before I ask my brothers to shell out their hard earned dollars. But if what I've been reading about the game does come to fruition, it's a game that I have been waiting for for years. Do not fuck this up devs.. :)

  • DarkcrystalDarkcrystal Posts: 961Member Uncommon

    This issue is  if people want a game that they  love and they are sick of AAA WOW clones, you have a few choices, make your own game ....


    Back some of the ones that are coming out....


    Or STFU and go play Mario...


    Gamers are quick to judge the game has not come out yet, and people expect it to be AAA quality, indies, make mistakes they are human, being a newer DEV myself it makes me think, do I want to make MMo's in the future?? No,  DEVS get no respect and hardly ever there money back in return so why do it, most do it because its there passion..

    Which I give them alot of respect, are they GOD no, for the ones looking for just money look at alot of your AAA's EA is a prime example, they want money and thats it.. So we have our indies, we want different games, so we have our indies, you guys are making it tough for any DEV to  wanna give up there money, and there time with there wife kids, just to get bashed to no end..

    I'm not saying we shouldn't be concerned but chill a bit, people jump the gun way to quick and complain way to early .. Most gamers have no clue what it takes to make any game and an MMo is much , much harder and cost a ton more...


    Chill people chill.

  • MogusMogus Anderson, OHPosts: 169Member

    Gamers are quick to judge, for sure, but I think it's because we are all eagerly looking to fill that void left by our previous favorite games of the past.

    Did you like Ultima Online? Then you'll LOVE Greed Monger!

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