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$200 AAA MMO, No Monthly, No CS



  • TheocritusTheocritus Gary, INPosts: 5,016Member Rare
            In my 13 years of MMOs I have never played a game that was worth 200 bucks right off the bat...At least wit ha monthly we control how long we play and how much we pay....There are too many games out now and too many options that are much cheaper than this......THe perfect game just doesn't exist, let's face it.
  • NevulusNevulus Miami Beach, FLPosts: 1,288Member Uncommon

    Every1 I know with a lifetime sub to LOTRO did not get burnt in anyway, most are actually still enjoying the game and say it was totally worth it.

    So yes I can see dropping that much on a game, if it is from a company who already has a good reputation.

  • ForumPvPForumPvP KingstownPosts: 871Member
    Originally posted by botrytis
    Originally posted by ForumPvP
    Give 200€ to some company and at same time lose all control ,not so good idea,people should learn from what Anet just did. Sub is a must.  

    With a sub you are not in control either. Look what Rift did to Saboteurs 1 month after release. They got nerfed into oblivion because people were whining and complaining so much.  A sub doesn't guarantee anything other than more cost.


    I am at a wait and see with A.Net - the patch isn't out and we shall see what happens.

    Im talking about sub ,theres no cash shops theres no paid name changes or server transfers,nada,only sub.

    It guarantees everything.

    No idea what happened in Rift,but if people pay their subs there and have something to say,it seems that right thing happened,people whined and  complained and company delivered.

    And in Anets case it seems like that they didnt listen their player base at all.


    Let's internet

  • lightingbirdlightingbird Saint Louis, MOPosts: 103Member

    Hell no.  

    Who would be dumb enough to do this in spite of all the other failed games that did something similar? 


  • LissylLissyl Peru, INPosts: 271Member Uncommon
    No.  The enjoyment of an MMO relies on many factors, and some of them are unknowable at launch (like how many other people will be playing, for instance).  $200 is just shy of two full months of entertainment budget; that's just not going to happen. 
  • ForTheCityForTheCity Los Angeles, CAPosts: 307Member

    Probably not. I prefer the F2P model and purchasing weapons and such. $200 at once is a lot of money, and also I could divide it up throughout a whole year, it doesn't seem as bad when I drop say $16-17 a month. 


  • ThorbrandThorbrand West Palm Beach, FLPosts: 1,198Member

    I would pay $50/mon for a real MMORPG. The real game developers would get rid of the box cost with a free 30days to show that they made a good game. That would be people who truly step up and have confidence in their products. Than we would have something. These box prices need to just go away so companies stop putting everything on intial sales instead of long term game play.

    They need to start putting their money where their month is and show us they are actually doing what they say instead of failing over and over again to deliver! Ateast real men and women would do it!

  • FrodoFraginsFrodoFragins Manchester, NHPosts: 3,506Member Rare
    I did it once for LOTRO.  That happened to be a bad purchase.  But it would have been a great deal for WOW.  The problem is that if everyone bought them the company wouldn't have any more money coming in and would be screwed two years down the line.
  • GreenishBlueGreenishBlue Baltimore, MDPosts: 263Member

    No. It's just a video game.



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